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I ♥ Drum & Bass announce Weekly Takeovers


I ❤️ Drum & Bass, the massive 20k and growing Spotify playlist have launched weekly label takeovers.

The brainchild of genre titans DJ SS, Fresh, Micky Finn, Futurebound and Simon Bassline Smith, was launched in October as a means to unite the oft-fragmented genre, help drive drum & bass plays on Spotify and highlight the skills of the next generation across the board.  They’ve now got 180 labels signed up to project and have created a community group where over 300 artists and industry professionals – who share ideas.

“We just got too segregated somewhere along the way,” explained SS. “Now I go into the artist lounge and see a tech guy talking to a jump-up guy, a jump-up guy talking to a liquid guy. This hasn’t happened for a very long time. It’s inspiring to see this community happen again because that’s it what it was all about for me; kids from the streets, kids with nothing, scraping together what they had and creating something from nothing in studios and their bedrooms – not being controlled, not being dictated. This is about unity.”

The first label to take the controls yesterday was Ram Records, listen to their choices below!

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