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Introducing… Mathame



Mathame is an audio project formed of Italian brothers Matteo and Amedeo.

These boys learned there craft growing up together in northern Italy and mastered it years later while living in a forest on the slopes of the most active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. This is where they started to work together and develop their unique sound imaginary we hear today. They have been featured on the second Realm of Consciousness compilation and Tale of Us fabric 97 compilation with tracks “Timeshift” and “Lifetime” which have since been regulars in the sets of Tale Of Us with some sought-after, unreleased tracks.

They have quickly become renowned for the vocal work whether it is working with an artist or sampling as demonstrated irrespectively on new tracks “Nothing Around Us” and “Fade Into You”.  Although both tracks offer vocal additions, they couldn’t be more different.

The moment you press play on the EP you’re greeted with ”Nothing Around Us”, which has a euphoric Ibiza dancefloor feel to it, which is why Tale of Us have chosen to close all sets this summer with. The bubbling bassline, deep kicks and shakers add depth to the track while vocals from Italian singer Lyke is responsible for bringing the track together and elevating you to a new space.

“22” is the understated track on the EP, but it doesn’t take away from it! It’s dark, atmospheric bass and synth fit Afterlife ascetics perfectly. “Fade Into You” has been terrorising dancefloor from Time warp to New York all year. It’s a party track with a great bassline and offers the crowd a great vocal to hold on too. This year Mathame have gone from strength to strength releasing on Fur Coats new Oddity label, the much anticipated “Nothing Around us” on Afterlife and a Debut Circoloco set in Ibiza.

A week after the release of “Nothing Around Us” EP; I had the pleasure to sit down with Mathame before there secret London appearance to talk about the EP and the future holds.

Hi guys, this year has been a pretty epic, what so far have been the highlights?
Without a doubt: Afterlife at Barcelona OFF Sonar when we first heard Nothing Around Us played live by Tale Of Us, our first time at DC10 and our very first time in the States.

‘Nothing around Us’ EP, can you tell us the back story behind the EP? Where and when was each of the tracks made? What’s the vibe you wanted each track to have?

Behind Nothing Around Us, there’s a hidden deep emotion that everyone has experienced at least once in their life, and we’ve put our best effort in trying to crystalize it into a few words, wanting everyone to feel that strong feeling and to get carried away by it. Fade Into You dates back to last summer when we found a very peculiar vocal that we then carved into what you can hear now. It was born on Etna and was inspired by nature. 22, on the other hand, talks about light: we tried to put into sound the movement of luminous beams into a dark room.

What’s your favourite track on the EP?
The next one 🙂

How did you meet up with Lyke? And how did you link up with Afterlife?

Lyke, who’s only 18, is a pure talent and actually, a friend for many years, who lives in our city. We’ve met with Tale of Us and Mind Against  4 years ago, and we’re getting to know the whole Afterlife crew day by day.

When did you both start DJing as a career?
If we talk about DJing as a true, 24h a day profession, this kind of life has only unfolded to us this year, as 2018 represented some sort of turning point.

What’s next for Mathame?
We’re working on a couple of very interesting remixes and collaborations and we’ve just closed an album that we’ve been working on for 7 years. Learn more throughout the upcoming season.

When can we expect you in the UK again?
Definitely by the end of this year.

“Nothing Around Us” is out now.

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