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Twin Wave ‘Roll With It’


Twin Wave by Andrew Segreti

Let’s face it 2016 wasn’t the greatest year. Set to be remembered for political turmoil, the advent of post truth and the passing of some of contemporary music’s greatest icons, few will be too saddened to fall into the arms of the new year. That’s not to say that the last 12 months wasn’t without its bright spots as the world’s creative communities came together in this time of turmoil to craft some amazing work. Hardship often breeds great art.

One of the groups to particularly impress us this year was Brooklyn based trio Twin Wave who having bewitched the DT office with their distinct mix of meditative dream pop soundscapes and ruminative vocals are now firm fixtures on all of our teams playlists. Retaining a contemporary edge whilst utilizing so many retrofitted motifs is no easy task but one the group seemingly manage effortlessly, blending classic elements with forward thinking production values for a sound that’s distinctly now.

This almost oxymoronic approach is perhaps best realized on their new single, Roll With It, which as the title suggests rolls along through the lower gears before breaking down into something surprisingly danceable. Melancholia meets melody, it’s a number worthy of repeat listening – we seemed to pick up on something new each time – and a track we’d love to catch live. As it stands the Atlantic Ocean stands between us making that a reality but if the outfit ever touch down in the UK you can expect to see us right at the front mouthing the lyrics whilst attempting to channel the spirit of 80’s through dance.

Check out Twin Wave’s ‘Roll With It’ below.




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