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Stray Beast is next up on SubSoul Recordings with ‘Need You’


In a saturated world, Stray Beast emerges as part of a new generation of producers creating something different. Is it Rave, Techno, Breaks?

Whatever it is, the Beast steps into the forefront with a style of his own. Sampling dark corners of South London, Stray Beast uses sounds of his environment to add a unique dustiness to each production. It’s heavy-hitting, yet organic and raw.

With a powerfully emotive vocal, alongside his signature rough and rugged sound, their debut ‘Need You’ via SubSoul Recordings. Combining euphoric Techno with a slew of Rave loops, ‘Need You’ has already gained sizeable support.  The next 12 months will see a stream of releases spanning 2020, as they push this emerging scene forward.

You can check it out below and grab it from here.