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Ozzie Guven Debuts on Archie Hamilton’s MicroHertz Imprint with ‘Bassline Pumping’


London’s own DJ and producer extraordinaire, Ozzie Guven, emerges from the depths of the underground with his latest auditory masterpiece, the ‘Bassline Pumping EP,’ now gracing Archie Hamilton’s seminal MicroHertz imprint.

Ozzie Guven’s musical odyssey is a captivating narrative of evolution and creative zeal. Immersed in the vibrant UK underground music culture from a young age, Ozzie, affectionately known as the OG, was ignited by the resounding echoes of 90s culture.

His journey commenced with mastering the piano, arming him with his first musical weapon. Venturing deeper into the sonic realms, he delved into the legacies of musical pioneers like Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, MJ Cole, and Shy FX, meticulously crafting his unique sonic signature.

The defining moments of Ozzie Guven’s journey unfolded through his electrifying DJ performances, where he expertly weaved infectious Grime, Garage, and jungle records across London’s eclectic venues. This DJ prowess led to his very own show on Select FM, firmly anchoring his position in the scene. However, it was during the confines of the 2021 lockdown that Ozzie unleashed his true potential, leaving an indelible mark.

His monumental release, the ‘Dubaholics EP’ on Seb Zito’s prestigious Seven Dials Records, ignited his ascent to meteoric heights. This remarkable production quickly scaled the Beatport charts, securing the coveted #1 spot in the Minimal/Deep Tech category.

The ‘Bassline Pumping EP’ is a testament to Ozzie’s relentless commitment to the craft, showcasing his unique ability to infuse energetic driving basslines, captivating rave chords, and irresistible grooves that beckon you to the dancefloor. Tracks like ‘Bassline Pumping’ and ‘Lost The Plot’ are sonic journeys that will take you on an exhilarating ride, complete with hypnotic grooves and peak-time energy.

Guven’s ‘Bassline Pumping EP’ on MicroHertz cements his status as a torchbearer of the new school in underground UK house music. Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and infectious rhythms of Ozzie Guven’s unparalleled sound.

The ‘Bassline Pumping’ EP is available from 10th November 2023 via MicroHertz.

Download/stream it here: https://orcd.co/mhrtz031


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