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New Label ‘Weapons’ Launches..



For the newly launched Weapons, the mantra is in the name. Harking back to the days where the best dance tracks were made for the club, not the radio, Weapons promises to supply pure dance floor tracks, for DJs and dancers alike. Both established and emerging artists alike are putting their ‘secret weapons’ in the safe hands of this new label, where every tracks journey starts in the club. Through the release of the most exciting and cutting edge electronic music, Weapons will appropriate the language of war and use it to spread love, not hate.

First to deliver on this brand new imprint is Mumbai Science with the explosively hypnotic ‘Frequency Response’. For the last few months it’s been in the hands of a select few tastemaker DJ’s.  You may have heard the track already played out by the likes of SkreamJonas RathsmanMatthew DearJon RundellAudionYousefCarl Cox and Brassica this summer, check it out below.


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