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Mike Nasty releases Station 5 via Nasty Tracks


NYC/DJ producer Mike Nasty presents the second track “Station 5” off of his upcoming debut album Deep Into the Sun, released on his own label Nasty Tracks.

As the follow up to “Get Up,” “Station 5” continues to define Mike Nasty’s sound and brand, synonymous with his buzzing Jumpin’ Thumpin‘ parties, from coast to coast, NYC and LA; it’s clean, soulful, smooth, sexy, and stylish. Mike continues to put on, and explore the depth of the Brooklyn underground house music scene, on his own terms.

I want this album to leave an impact on people that brings deeper house with elements of jazz, soul and r&b to the forefront of dance music. This project is just the start of the journey. I’m already excited for everyone to hear my 3rd project which dives even deeper into melodics of soul and jazz. There’s something special growing in Brooklyn’s underground scene and I’m happy to share my artistic contribution to the movement.” Mike Nasty on his upcoming album Deep Into the Sun.

Stream “Station 5” and “Get Up” below, Deep Into the Sun is out Friday September 2nd.