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Max Cooper shares new video for ‘Cyclic’


Max Cooper

Emergence is an epic, operatic, ambitious amalgamation between audio-visual show, scientific research project, art installation and IDM record, the debut release on Max Cooper’s Mesh label and his second full-length release, which comes out on Friday 25th November 2016.

Max has synthesised his skill as a producer and his deep interests in science to create a Hadron Collider-grade ambient techno world, in the lineage of The Future Sounds of London’s ‘Lifeforms’ for 2016.


1. Symmetry (with Tom Hodge)
2. Seed (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
3. Waves
4. Distant Light
5. Myth (with Tom Hodge)
6. Order From Chaos
7. Cyclic
8. Impermanence (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
9. Trust (with Tom Hodge feat. Kathrin DeBoer)
10. Organa


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