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Matthias Tanzmann announces new album ‘Round and Round’


Always staying one step ahead of the game, Matthias Tanzmann is back with a new album. Entitled ‘Round And Round’ and due on his own mighty label Moon Harbour, the record will come out track by track over the course of autumn and winter 2019, rather than as one whole collection.

‘Round and Round’ comes three years after Momentum, Tanzmann’s last album and one that provided a snapshot of the deeper sounds he was enjoying at the time.

The album was all written in the last year, but reflects every facet of the artist’s sound, so unfolds something like a career-long musical diary: from the collaboration with long-time friend and Poker Flat chief Steve Bug, which harks back to the early days of deep house, via newer connections and modern techno with Rebuke. Tracks with old companions like Mathias Kaden, and on to new creative links with contemporary stars like Mihalis Safras and Black Circle.

This is an autobiographical album informed by another busy year of gigs at major festivals around the world, his famous Circoloco residency at DC10 and further Ibiza gigs everywhere from ANTS to Elrow to Music On. .

Induction with Daniel Stefanik (out now)
Atacama (11.10.2019) – out now
Dizzy with Mathias Kaden (25.10.2019) 
Believe with Mihalis Safras (1.11.2019) 
Awakening with Black Circle (15.11.2019) 
Continue To Love with Steve Bug (22.11.2019) 


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