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Guti announces ‘The Year of the Conga’ LP via Cuttin’ Headz


Guti has announced his third studio album ‘The year of the Conga’ due for release as the very first LP on The Martinez Brothers imprint Cuttin’ Headz.

It came about through a personal request from brothers Chris & Steve Martinez. Both unapologetic Guti fans they wanted the very first album on their label to be his. The result is a total reconnection of Guti back to his Argentinian foundations, his club roots and everything that first lured him to the dancefloor…

“I’m back to my roots and found my Latino groove again,” says Guti “Every song is full of rhythm and created to make you dance…”

You can check out the first couple of tracks below

Another Day
Red Eye
Our House
Salve Me
Se Baila
So Dope
La Orchestra Fantasma
Telling The Truth
Simple Thoughts
Like That


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