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With seminal imprint 50Weapons finally coming to an end, Berlin-based PHON.O has been looking for a new home for his tough, grubby techno/house crossovers, and it seems he’s found a perfect fit in Pinch‘s Tectonic Recordings.

PHON.O’s first EP for the Bristol label is set to drop this Friday (April 1st); a 3-track effort named Afterglow, the release sees him turning out underground gold once again, from the hollow ‘Mercurial’ to the brazenly choppy ‘U8 Phunk’ and the rough-edged breakbeat of ‘Bell Blender’.

To celebrate the release, PHON.O has put together an exclusive mix that’s so rude we should probably stick a NSFW tag on it. Stream or download the set below and head over to the Tectonic store from Friday to grab a copy of Afterglow.


STENNY & ANDREA – Hera – Iliantape
ALEX COULTON – Equilibrium – Tempa
AKKORD – Continuum – Houndstooth
PINCH – No Justice – Tectonic
WALTON – Wrench – Tectonic
MY NU LENG & KAHN – Ruins – Fabric
PHON.O – Bell Blender – Tectonic
C++ – Bounce Trak – Trax Couture
ADDISON GROOVE – Allaby – 50Weapons
SPF666 – Don’t Laugh, Bxtch – Club Chemtrail
T_A_M – Salaam – Tuff Wax Records
LOCKLEAD – Take One – Slap Funk Records
PHON.O – Mecurial – Tectonic
IMAABS – Voy – Naafi
PHON.O – U8 Phunk – Tectonic
IPMAN – Regicide – Tectonics


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