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Kerri Chandler’s 5 things every Producer Needs to Know


This week, I went to the DJ Awards in Ibiza. In this video, I chatted to Kerri Chandler ahead of the awards – which he won the house music award!

The DJ Awards 22nd edition bought together the movers and shakers of the international electronic music scene, as well as honouring the up-and-coming talent and turntable legends. 

Taking place for the second year in the avant-garde setting of HEART Ibiza, known for its fantastic fusion of art, entertainment and music. The night offered a welcome chance for peers to mingle and look back over another busy summer in the electronic music world. It was not only an important night for those who walked away with one of the coveted Kryptonite awards but also the event itself taking on an important theme to support No More Plastic.

I asked Kerri Chandler for the 5 things every producer needs to know. massive apologies for the audio in this video, it’s really loud in that room and I doubled mic’d but still seems its come up a little short. You can still hear what he’s saying but the background noise is a little noisy.

I hope you get some value from this video, Kerri Chandler is incredibly interesting and this was a great chat.


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