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Doc Brown’s Top 5 Tips for the Music Industry


Doc Brown’s lifetime passion for music is both unmistakable in his productions and undeniable in his performances. Having experimented with MIDI programming and sequencing as a teenager. It wasn’t until moving to Miami and getting his hands on his first set of 1200s. He was able to link creating electronic music in the studio to his natural ability to rock a party.

Firmly rooted in the underground, Doc’s unique sound has crossover appeal and is demanded not only by well-informed dancefloors but international tastemakers as well. His bassline driven productions have come on a laundry list of notable labels: Lapsus Music, Go Deeva, Natura Viva, Cube Trax, PPMusic and HoTL, just to name a few

In this video, Doc Brown gives his Top 5 Tips for the Music Industry. If you enjoy this video and found it useful head over YouTube to watch more videos like this.


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