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DJ Meme’s 5 top tips for producing a Disco Record.


Brazil’s DJ Meme is well known for his sparkling Disco releases and shimmering DJ sets worldwide.

As he releases his brilliant cover version of Gino Soccio’s classic ‘Dancer’, we talk to the man about all things Disco past and presenthe also gives us his 5 top tips for producing a disco record below.

1. Disco was made with many musicians playing together at the same room, therefore the sound of the drums was leaking all over and vice-versa, so… don’t try to create a clean sound. A bit of dirt is required.

2. The bassline…ooooh, the bassline. Get the best bass player you may find, but be sure he knows the Disco pace, hooks and sound. A good disco record has always the right bassline.

3. Because Disco was played by musicians and not machines, don’t expect to have it quantized or keeping the same tempo along the track. A little bit of imprecision will make it real.

4. Forget the tracky-copy-paste kind of production. Disco music was full of songs and melodies that stuck to your mind forever. If you decide to go instrumental, at least bring some good Melodies and Harmonies to it. There is no Disco without it.

5. Disco needs no Sub-low or too high frequencies. Because of some technical issues, at that time it was almost impossible to cut vinyl with frequencies under 60hz and studio equalizers wouldn’t go far than 12K, so…have that in mind and take it, easy kids.

DJ Meme ‘Dancer’ is out now on Memix Recordings. 


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