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BOOST Podcast

Why you need an artist website with Jack Barham (Vibecast)


Today on my BOOST Podcast, I chat to Jack Barham from new DJ Website platform Vibecast.  We chat about why you need a website as a DJ, the benefits of having one. 

Vibecast is a website builder specifically designed for DJs and producers. Built by a DJ for others in the industry, Vibecast’s objective is to help users create a sleek-looking, modern website in minutes without any technical knowledge.

Offering complete and unrivalled simplicity, Vibecast enables artists to import tracks from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube and Vimeo – with Spotify soon to be integrated. Users can drag and drop artwork, images, list gigs, post tracks, and even connect an existing domain name to their site.

Vibecast is the creation of DJ, website designer and developer Jack Barham, who built the platform single-handedly with no external investment. It launched to market in late 2019.

For more information visit www.vibecast.com.

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