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BOOST Podcast

Ibiza Loves Ears, Joost Toast talks about protecting your ears


By celebrating life and producing loud sounds while doing so, we create a growing problem that affects many of us: music-induced hearing loss(MIHL) & tinnitus. Joost Toast and Ibiza Love Ears believe in the importance of education that will create a global shift in awareness around these problems, caused by the music.

With Ibiza, as the leading hot spot within the electronic music industry, they’ve found that the island is the perfect place to start raising awareness. Together with their ambassadors, the health & branch organisations, the (local) partners and you, they create a community that sparks a movement to change the behaviour of our fellow music lovers.

Today on the BOOST Podcast, I want to chat about protecting your ears – DJs, producers you need to be doing it and today I chat to Ibiza Loves Ears founder Joost Toast about why.

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