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Overjoy – Holiday [Video + Free DL]



The Los Angeles based experimental indie-electronic group, Overjoy, has just put out a mesmerizing music video for their hauntingly seductive new song, “Holiday”. The light percussive elements provide a delicate yet driving rhythm over the ethereal pad-work which sculpts the soundscape. Lex’s echoed vocals lull the listener into the groove of the pulsing toms punctuating the thick, sustained bassline. Effectively juxtaposing spaced out and dancefloor vibes is no easy task, in spite of how natural Overjoy may make it seem with their stellar writing.

The music video does a great job of visually representing the essence of the song; The kaleidoscope and deep space imagery evoke notions of psychedelic escapism.

Take the full journey with the music video below and add this instant classic to your collection by going here to get your free download!


Justin Shamlou

Raised on a steady staple of Dance Music compilations, I discovered House and Techno through the likes of Armand Van Helden and Carl Cox as a toddler. As a teenager in the SF/Bay Area, I discovered the world of raves and clubs and my passion for the music grew exponentially. Now, I live in Miami, run the Underground Dance Music blog playhous.net, and co-manage the Bass label Bunkr Music.

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