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Mix of the Day: Smooth


For twenty five years, Ram Records’ ground breaking roster have stood at drum & basses forefront. Time and time again, they’ve delivered some of the most definitive releases which have helped to shape the genre’s roots, becoming a prized part of its antiquity and huge back catalogue of releases. But alongside their primary artists, they’ve also welcomed guests to bring their refined production to Ram’s ever-growing discography. Their next addition is from Smooth, an artist whose spent years refining his craft, from playing instruments in his formative years to turning his hand at metal, hardcore and finally drum & bass, where he landed himself on its most revered imprints. He continues this ascent with the ‘Resurrection EP’ on Ram, featuring four fresh cuts to add to an already stellar succession of releases.

First from the new batch of records is ‘Trajectory’, a steppy, snapping whirlpool of clattering bass rhythms and fluctuating note patterns. It pulls you into Smooth’s dreamy soundscape, whilst still channelling a bassline which pulsates steadily underneath each flurry of beats. Up next comes ‘Disco’, with a more cascading, jazzy appeal, one which gradually builds into uplifting pads and clattering drums, helping to flesh-out the composition. ‘Disco’ points to Smooth’s streamlined musicality, which features a huge repertoire of sound.

Smooth flexes his creativity one more time before the Resurrection’s close, stringing together shimmery vocals and an emphatic climax. One welcomed by Ram’s decorated history.

Erb N Dub, Crissy Criss & Malux – Airlock (???)
Document One – How Low Can You get (Technique)
Shimon – Crystal Clear (AudioPorn)
Akov – Space Bears (Titan)
RedPill – Rabbit (Eatbrain)
Mind Vortex – Shall We Begin (RAM)
Tapolsky & VovKing – Regolith (Mainframe)
Smooth – Disco (RAM)
Dj Phantasy & Dextone – Its A Feelin (Technique)
Document One – Chasing Stars (Technique)
Smooth – Obnoxious (DUB)
Calyx & TeeBee – Get It Twisted (RAM)
1991 – Bad (MTA)
Dimension – Beg & Borrow (Dimension)
Original Sin – Red Mist (Viper)
Flowidus – Zulu (ProgRAM)
TC – April Fools (3beat)
Smooth – Trajectory (RAM)
Smooth – Revenge (Viper)
L Plus – Timelapse (Technique)
Tantrum Desire – Airhead (Technique)
Erb N Dub & Malux – Drummer VIP (Technique)
Inward,Hanzo & Randie – Jaws (C4c Recordings)
Disaszt – Nasty Habit (Mainframe)
Shimon feat Darrison – Physio (Audioporn)
Dimension – Whip Slap (MTA)
Document One – Get Da Funk (Technique)
Youngman – Spinning Sunrise mix (Technique)
Wilkinson – Take You Higher
Smooth – Back To Self (Dub)
Moko – Your Love (Culture Shock Remix) (MTA)
s9 – Retrospect (Titan)
DC Breaks – Never Stop (RAM)
Culture Shock – Rush Connection (RAM)
InsideInfo & Smooth – Hear Me Roar VIP (Viper)
DC Breaks – Underground (RAM)
Insideinfo – Metamorphosis (Feat Miss Trouble) (Viper)
The Upbeats – Corposant (Blackout)
Culture Shock – Low Freq Booty (DUB)
L Plus – Creature Must Die (Technique)
Frankee – Drop It Low (RAM)
Smooth – Tailspin (Dub)
Calyx & TeeBee – Big Tune (RAM)
Telekinesis vs Jade – Number (Dub)
TC – Next Hype Crissy Criss x Malux x Erb N Dub VIP Remix (3beat)
Smooth – Triumpant (Dub)
Smooth – Troll (Dub)
Smooth – Mosh Pitt (Dub)
Smooth – Tinnitus (Viper)
Smooth Eraser (Viper)
Smooth – Laserblast (Dub)
Telekinesis – Occult (Blackout)

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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