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Mix of the Day: Birds of Mind

Data Transmission August 6, 2017

Birds of Mind is the collaboration of Parisian based duo DJ/producers Alex Heim & Adrian Carreno.

Alex studied filmmaking in NYC and grew a passion for music through his trips around the globe. Today he is based half of the year on the island of Mykonos (Greece) where developed his skills in DJ-ing and finds his inspiration in a “close to nature” environment.
Adrian was born in a Venezuelan family of classical music artists. He studied at the conservatory of Paris, where he learned violin and piano, then chose his way in Musique Concrète.

Together they compose a genre of music which is electronic, mostly nourished by the exploration of organic sounds and hypnotic beats. Their music offers a spiritual, peaceful and loving feeling, always up lifting and close to the goodwill of nature.