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Top 5 Artists to catch at Field Day 2019


Field Day 2019 takes place in a ground-breaking new festival venue, The Drumsheds, with state-of-the-art production and the loudest festival sound system in the capital. Open until 3am, their new home features 10 acres of outdoor space and four gigantic interlinking warehouses. For the first time ever, they will also be hosting their own ‘Late Night’ after parties in association with Printworks London and FACT. There are so many incredible artists to see at Field Day on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June, but here are my top 5 to catch over the weekend.

George FitzGerald

This artist reminds me of many club nights and flat parties back at Manchester University. ‘Child’ and ‘I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)’ were played out left, right and centre by friends and DJ idols alike in 2012. Since then, the artist has evolved releasing more down-tempo, emotive and melancholy music like ‘Full Circle’ on his first album ‘Fading Love’. ‘Burns’ and ‘Roll Back’ on his second album ‘All That Must Be’ have been regular tracks in my listening history over the last year.

Leon Vynehall

The first track that really turned me on to this artist was ‘Butterflies’. It has so much room for the mind to breathe and the breakdown…Just pure bliss. ‘Midnight on Rainbow Road’ is a staple in my vinyl collection that I like to put on at the end of a night. Again, pure bliss. Both George Fitzgerald and Leon Vynehall are doing ‘Late Night’ sets on Friday which are sure to be special. It has been a long time coming to see them both. Tingling with excitement.

Channel Tres

I don’t tend to find new artists that I fall in love with as often or quickly these days. However, I was recently perusing the Godmode SoundCloud account and stumbled on Channel Tres. ‘Brilliant Nigga’ and ‘Topdown’ ooze sex appeal and has seen the rookie from LA blow up on the global scene in no time. Sitting somewhere very comfortably between soulful house and hip hop, this guy is one for the Moodyman heads out there. Get yourself down to the Boiler Room warehouse on Saturday to get your groove firmly ON!

DJ Seinfeld

The artist I am personally looking forward to seeing most over the weekend is DJ Seinfeld. His album ‘Time Spent Away From U’ is a masterpiece through and through. His hallmark lo-fi sound is heavy and swollen made magically weightless through use of vintage synths and RnB vocal samples. Sincere and pure just the way I like it. The first release ‘Galazy EP’ on his own record label ‘Young Ethics’ shows his maturity as an artist, with tracks that may well stand the test of time. The lead ‘Electrian’ is a dreamy opener with sounds that drew listeners to him in the first place. The song taps into the introspective moods demonstrated by similarly atmospheric-minded producers like Lone. Find him in the Bulldog Yard with Bugged Out! On Saturday.


Who should you see closing the festival on Saturday? For me, this has to be HAAi. Her debut essential mix on Radio 1 was crowned Essential Mix of the year 2018. Resident DJ at Phonox in Brixton for 2 years straight. One of the top selectors on the scene. Don’t miss it!