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A local guide to Tisno during Suncébeat Festival


With Suncébeat Festival only a month away, we have compiled a complete guide to the local surrounding area of the wonderful white-washed fishing village of Tisno.

Suncébeat Festival will take place between 24th-31st July this year, offering a diverse underground line-up of house, disco, soul, funk and R&B. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this year’s edition promises to be the biggest yet! If you’re planning to be a part of it, read on to learn how to navigate around this quaint little town on the Croatian coast.

Transfers to Tisno

Split Airport

For those travelling by air, Suncébeat Festival have teamed up with airport transfer service Shuttle Tours, who are offering affordable transfers from both Zadar and Split airports to the festival site. Visit their website to find out more about prices and details: https://www.shuttletours.net/event/suncebeat

If transfers aren’t for you, there is also a regular direct bus from Zagreb to Tisno. The bus passes the Gardens on the main road towards Tisno, but it is worth noting that there is no official stop there, so make sure to notify the driver that you want to get off as close the Gardens as possible!

If you wish to get a bus from Zadar to Tisno, you must be aware that the bus stops at the main road between Vodice and Pirovac, which leaves about 5 or 6km to Tisno. You will have to sort a taxi journey onwards from here.

We recommend that you avoid travel by train to Tisno – if you must, then it is possible. The nearest station is in Sibenik which has a train connection to Zagreb. Do be aware that this will take over double the journey time compared to the bus route.

Whichever travel method you decide on, keep in mind that it is festival time. Services will likely be busier than usual, so allow extra time to account for possible delays.


On site glamping

There are plenty of accommodation options for this year’s festival — with both on-site and off-site offerings.

On-site options:

There are a number of different accommodation options if you choose to stay on-site in the Tisno Gardens – from apartments to glamping to classic camping, you can browse and book here: https://www.booking.thegarden.hr/

Off-site options:

You may wish to stay off-site, so to have a place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the festival and explore the surrounding area of Tisno. There are a number of available places to book via sites such as Air BnB and Booking.com. There are a plethora of hostels, apartments and hotels, starting at around a very affordable £50 per night.

Suncébeat’s preferred travel partner, Love Music Travel, have an accommodation package that you may be interested in: http://lovemusictravel.com/portfolio/suncebeat-festival/

Whatever you do, don’t leave booking accommodation for too long; most of the best pots will be filled in the preceding weeks of the festival, so if you want the best place in town, move fast!

Restaurants and Nightlife


There are a number of great hidden restaurants in Tisno; most pride themselves on their locally-sourced ingredients. Being a coastal town, expect lots of seafood! There are also a number of more tourist-focused offerings that will probably be easier to find but be wary of busyness and price hikes during the festival time.


On site food vendor

Konoba Tereza is a contender for the best restaurant in Tisno, with a varied menu consisting of mainly local ingredients. It has a reputation for crafting different recipes from local produce and giving it a ‘new lease of life’.

I’ve actually been here and totally agree! – Editor

Prices: medium – high.

Restoran Konoba Broscica is another option for those looking for a pleasant dining experience. With a more informal setting on the seafront, this restaurant will offer a diverse range of recipes at a slightly more affordable price.

Prices: low-medium

Konoba Berekin is another seafront offering, with a vegetarian-friendly menu served on a romantic terrace setting, perfect for couples and groups.

Prices: medium-high


On site wine bar

For those yearning for great eastern-European craft beer and music to boot, Nikasi Beer Bar is the place for you. Trendy and lively, this bar will be the perfect setting to kick off an evening in Tisno.

If lounging on the beach with a cold beer or cocktail in hand is what you’re after, Vortex Beach Bar has got you covered. Take a dip in the Adriatic Sea and dance to the DJ’s selection, all whilst waiting for your orders.

Beach Bar Loca Villa beefs up the bar list, offering another helping of music, cold drinks and sand for those who want sun with their Spiced Mojito.

Despite these recommendations, we are almost certain that searching for a nightclub or late-night bar will not be top of your priority list, given that the Suncébeat line-up will most likely have that area covered.


Croatian Kuna

The local currency is Kuna (KR), which can be exchanged at a number of points across the country, such as airports and other travel points.

ATMs are scattered across Croatia, most of which are tied into either Maestro, Cirrus or other international networks.

Just to note, £1 is roughly 8.5 Kuna!


Taxis are extremely well priced in Tisno, and there are a number of them waiting to help you get to your destination. If you would like to arrange airport pickups and local taxis, please contact Suncébeat’s friend Mario: www.tisnotaxi.com

Pre-festival activities

Krka National Park

Colentum Beach: this stretch of sand on the northern coast of Murter Island stands out from other beach areas due to the remains of a Roman villa that date back to 1st century AD. For the history-heads amongst you, this is a nice cultural excursion to pencil in.

On top of a healthy list of stunning beaches, the town of Tisno is rich with old religious architecture that is worth exploring. You can also book in exciting activities such as Dolphin watching, kayaking, bike tours and speedboat trips around the beautiful coastline.

There is also Krka National Park, which is worth visiting for those chasing a serene break from the action, as well the nearby town of Sibenik, which is where some of Game Of Thrones was filmed!

Overall, we hope your time in Tisno is one to treasure.

You can still buy Suncébeat Festival tickets here: http://suncebeat.com/tickets/


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