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Balter Festival returns This Weekend to South Wales


Set amongst the idyllic countryside of South Wales, Balter Festival is back for its fourth year of phat beats and killer sets. Get ready for madness as an array of the most wonderful wanderers descend onto the middle of a random welsh racecourse.

Held on the 2nd – 4th June in Chepstow, Wales. This year is set to be a big one with over 140 acts confirmed. You can look forward to act’s such as KOG and the Zongo Brigade, Devilman, Deadbeat, DJ EJ, Dubmatrix & Charlie P, Phatworld, Ed Cox vs E.coli, Gypsies of Bohemia, Bagdaddies, King Prawn, Captian Hotknives, Valdal vs Madidextrous and Songebob Squarewave to name just a few.

I can guarantee that Balter Festival is all about the music. With genres ranging from Drum n Bass, breakbeat, dub, baseline and speed garage to industrial music such as gabber, speed core, Frenchcore and terrorcore. There is also a lot of live music and upbeat genres such as ska, reggae and electro swing. The eclectic range of music means there is something for everyone, catering for even the most hardcore bass heads.

The fact that this festival hosts so many different genres that a lot of festivals overlook, means that it is an absolute godsend for the many of us that enjoy nothing more than stomping it up on a Saturday night in the wilderness somewhere in front of massively powerful rigs.

The whole rave generation nowadays expects something completely different from your standard festival, and this is exactly what Balter does a brilliant job of catering for.

Featuring underground sound systems from all over the UK, Balter Festival is not only a meeting place for like minded ravers, but also an absolute haven for those of us who live for the free parties.

After hearing all the hype about the festival the previous years, I knew that I had to try it out. I’ve never heard about a more talked about music event, and by that I mean that the whole of my city was talking about it, saying that it’s the best thing they’ve ever experienced. In Sheffield the rave scene is HUGE. To us, there is nowt better than meeting all your crew, waiting to get a pre-recorded voicemail on a party line number to a secret destination, usually somewhere picturesque out in the sticks.

Attending a free party can be a surreal experience, but I can honestly say that Balter is like a free party on steroids, it’s a 3 day long rave where you can be yourself, meet amazing people and just had a laugh and a stomp. I loved it.

Not a festival for the faint hearted, we get to party for days on end, with an array of rigs to keep us entertained and music that quite literally couldn’t get any harder or more industrious and that’s exactly how we like it!

The location is smack bang in the middle of a racecourse and in rural Wales. It’s amazing to see this unusual location transformed with artwork and graffiti which creates an array of food for the imagination. The vibes are so friendly and relaxed. Last year I swear that the whole of Sheffield was there, so not only was it amazing to get to party with so many familiar faces, but what I found was that everyone was amazingly friendly and chatty. I also realised that the whole of the UK really does party that hard!

It’s amazing to find so many like-minded individuals that love to party just as much as you. I can safely say that you will leave Balter festival having made friends and memories for life. With some of the most interesting conversations and memories been had on this (hopefully) sunny weekend in early June.

Go on, kick off your summer in the right way and try this amazing, impactful festival.

Don’t miss the fire spinning, shows, jugglers and magicians that also feature alongside the killer line-up, adding to the already enriching experience.

This festival is for the avid music fans amongst us. People who can appreciate the bassiest beats and best sound quality. There will be no turning off the bass at 9pm like some of the bigger festivals, and I promise you will stomp like you have never stomped before! Trust me this one is going to pop off!

Check back here for an exclusive post-festival review of the shenanigans, you definitely don’t want to be reading about what you’ve missed out on, so make sure you grab your tickets directly from www.balterfestival.com/tickets or www.ticketspread.com