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A local guide to Novi Sad during EXIT festival


With EXIT Festival about a month away, our friends over at ONLYCLUBBING, a website dedicated to dance music in Serbia, have helped us out by creating this handy local guide to Novi Sad. Thanks so much guys!

EXIT Festival is one of the most popular dance music events in Europe. Held between 4th and 7th July in Novi Sad, Serbia a 1-hour drive from the capital, Belgrade. Each year this festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. If you are planning to be a part of the greatest festival in this part of Europe, here are some facts you need to know.


EXIT organisation is offering transfers from several airports. Go check it out https://www.exittrip.org/en/travel/exit

If this option doesn’t work for you and you decide to go on your own, My advice…use a bus. Especially from Belgrade. This year do not use the train, very simply, because there isn’t one this year! Serbian Railways are doing repairs and they cancelled all trains for a year. Definitely, use buses! A one-way ticket from Belgrade to Novi Sad ticket price is around 7€, and a return trip is around 10€-13€ (depends what time you are going and which bus you are taking)!

You need around 1 hour or maybe a bit more to be safe. Have patience, don’t forget that it’s EXIT time & everybody is going, but you will make it there!


You have a lot of options when it comes to where to stay during EXIT Festival, but you have to do it in advance. Everything rents so fast! EXIT organisation is offering all kinds of accommodation: hostels, camps & hotels. Go to the link to check it out. https://www.exittrip.org/en/accommodation/exit

You can always choose private accommodation. A lot of people are renting their own houses and apartments – out of the city and in the centre of the city. How do you find them? They’ll find you! Many of them are right there waiting for visitors at the Bus Station, offering accommodation. Also, you can even find public groups on Facebook where people are actually helping each other. Depends on how much money you want to pay for accommodation, there is something for everybody. Start price goes from 14€ per person/per day for a bed in a hostel.


There are so many restaurants, bars and cafes in Novi Sad it is impossible to name them all, so here’s a few.

Fish & Zelenish is a great choice for vegetarians. They offer fresh fish, seafood, organic vegetables, homemade pasta…you name it! Salad price is around 3€ and soup price is around 2€.

Toster Bar is located in Zmaj Jovina Street 24 and this is a perfect choice for any beer lover. On their menu, there are 50 different craft beers from all over the world! Of course, where there’s beer, there’s a burger! Prices go from 1€ for a beer and 3€ for a burger! Go check it out!

Café Veliki is located in Nikole Pašića 24 and in case if you want to try local food with authentic flavours and recipes dating back to the 19th century, this is the right place for you. They even offer a buffet table from 8am until 11am! Prices go from 5€ for a buffet table.

If you are staying in the town center then you will be able to find top Serbian DJs at Puberaj bar, where you can drink great coffee or cocktails. Shamrock Bar is Irish Pub with nice cocktails if you’re looking some great place to hang out with your friends.

Tegla’s Bar is very original in their homemade jar salads. You can choose between fresh salads or pasta salad and even energetic meals with cereals and fruits. Salads prices are from 2€-4€ per jar.

The Pizza spot of choice should be Pepper Pizza Bar or San Francisco Pizza. If you are in a rush and you don’t want to leave the festival and wait for food then grab a famous index sandwich right in the center of Novi Sad.


Well, during EXIT festival nobody needs a night club. But… where is the after party? EXIT’s official after-party is right there on Petrovaradin Fortress in a place called Bastion. It’s right there, you don’t have to leave the fortress, just follow the crowd! Entrance is usually around 4€-5€ per person. “The End Terrace” Club is the best place if you want to have fun with a lot of people next to the river. A beautiful place located on Fisherman’s Island, surrounded by greens and The Danube. It is an amazing secret experience away from the city. Don’t forget to take a cab to go over there, because you can’t go on foot.


A little advice didn’t kill anyone. If you are coming in Novi Sad with foreign currency, change your money in the center of Novi Sad or even in Belgrade, if you are passing through. In case you forgot and you are already on your way to the fortress…Don’t worry. There is an exchange office right before you enter the fortress, but the exchange rate is a bit lower, much lower sometimes, but it will save your ass!


Novi Sad is one of the most walkable cities, so you don’t need a car to get around, but in case you need it here’s a tip! It is crazy finding any taxis during EXIT festival, because as you can imagine – the whole world is based at Novi Sad for those few days. Cabs are everywhere and are cheap wherever you decide to go in Novi Sad. Of course, as with everywhere else, you must be careful and not let anyone trick you, so keep in mind that it’s cheap, don’t let anyone overcharge you! You can use Red Taxi, Novus Taxi, Pan Taxi etc.


Štrand is a popular beach on the Danube river in Novi Sad, located near the Freedom Bridge, in the city quarter known as Liman. This is the ultimate pre-party place to get you in the mood for the night ahead. There are so many bars and shops where you could get a drink and get hyped before the all-night craziness.

There is also Štrand beach, it’s July and you can have fun swimming, chilling and for God sake…get a tan and enjoy! Grab your favourite drink and enjoy a great atmosphere all day until it’s time for your all-night party.


Don’t miss a chance to see the landmarks of Novi Sad while you’re here for EXIT. One of the most famous city sights is the cathedral – the Name of Mary Church. Constructed in the Gothic revival style, it has a spectacular 72m tower. The square is a part of a pedestrian area that spreads out to Zmaj Jovina street. Zmaj Jovina is along Dunavska one of the loveliest streets in Novi Sad. Walking down Dunavska Street feels like strolling through an open-air museum. The City Library is located there, the oldest well in the city created in 1721, and dozens of old-style cafes and pubs. The famous Dunavski Park is located at the end of the street. The park is a magnificent oasis with a lovely lake and arranged pathways. It’s a protected nature reserve. Visit Laza Telečkog Street with dozens of cafes, bars, and pubs aligned down the road. Tasty cocktails, cold beer, and pleasant atmospheres are guaranteed here.

Make sure you organise yourself on time and have fun!

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