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5 Women To Watch at Primavera Sound


In a few days, revellers from around the world will descend on Barcelona’s Parc del Fòrum for one of the most diverse festival lineups of the year. With eclecticism, equality and audacity running through its veins, Primavera is one of the few festivals boasting an equal lineup of both men and women who are ruling their respective genres. To celebrate this, we’ve rounded up our top 5 women to watch at Primavera, from electronic pioneers to breakthrough underground talent.

Suzanne Ciani

One of the finest innovators in her field, Suzanne’s list of achievements is so long that it would take us decades to list them all. From building her own modular synthesizer to creating foundational sounds in pop culture (like the fizzing of a coke can), the Diva of the Diode will be presenting LIVE Quadraphonic from her first live performance in 40 years. Pay Suzanne a visit and you’ll discover why she’s been recognised as one of early electronic music’s most respected composers.


From one pioneer to another, SOPHIE’s unique sound blends industrial sounds, hyperkinetic productions and sugary synthesizers to create post-everything pop. Debuting her female identity at the end of 2017, she challenged eager listeners to throw themselves head-first into the surreal perfection of her second album OIL OF EVERY PEARL’s UN-INSIDES and immerse themselves in the idea of perpetual motion. After years of performing behind a guise, SOPHIE will be hitting the stage in real life and we simply cannot wait for her.

Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz topped the list of ‘Most Festivals Played in 2018’ with an awe-inspiring total of 35. Will she be trying to beat it this year? That’s anyone’s guess, but what is guaranteed is one slick show of absolute sonic perfection. Forged in techno from Russia, her sets will be brimming with hits from the dazzling ‘You Are Wrong’ to the classic ‘Ghetto Kraviz’. Head on over to catch the трип boss apply a clinical eye to making her crowd sweat and writhe as she gets ruthless behind the decks, churning out track after track like it’s nobody’s business.

Helena Hauff

She only set out to play music in her local bar, yet Helena Hauff’s rousing neo-gothic sound plunged her into the big leagues. Promising a spellbinding set of strobe-lit intensity, the DJ’s harsh sounds will act as the perfect accompaniment to a spectacle comparable only to a lightning storm. Channelling the likes of classic punk rockers the Stooges, who she grew up listening to, Hauff is sure to pour her heart, soul and body into creating a palpable energy that may or may not pierce the eardrums of her dedicated listeners.


Kathy Yaeji Lees has somehow managed to go from a raver-next-door to a global sensation, creating tracks that break language barriers and topping the 30 Under 30 list in just a few years. Increasingly filling out her live appearances, she blends live singing with spinning tracks that results in a blissful amalgamation that just works. Applying this same method to her tracks by incorporating both English and Korean whispers, her rhythmic and often poetic club sounds are sure to be playing in our heads days after her performance.


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