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2015 is coming to a close and DT visited a multitude of festivals this year starting off the year by heading down to Mexico for The BPM Festival and then checking out the first day of Time Warp in Brooklyn right before the holidays. A seasoned veteran of these iconic festivals comes to the realization that it isn’t always about the music but also about the people you meet, the overall experience, and the amount of fun you have.

At times you find that you have no idea who is playing and don’t care. Sometimes you end up following your new found friend or even old friends to the mainstage and to see an artist that you might loathe to witness drops that might normally give you a headache but put on a smile on your friend’s face. That same person might end up joining you to witness an artist that you obsess over that plays a style of music that they aren’t normally accustomed to. This is festival culture and this is what makes the scene so great!

Unfortunately there were many festivals that the DT USA team missed this year that deserve a mention and some that we still have yet to get reviews on. Some festivals we weren’t able to attend for the entire duration and some were just not up to par. Keep in mind that most of these festivals on this list feature major electronic artists and Burning Man and Art Basel are more focused on visual art rather than music. Many festivals have recently started booking world famous DJs and although Coachella is an iconic festival and worth a mention, we unfortunately did not obtain coverage this year. Other festivals we failed on obtaining coverage for were Decibel Festival, Mutek, Hangout in Alabama, Moogfest, Outside Lands, Shambhala, Wanderlust, Wakarusa, Dirtybird Campout, North Coast Music Festival, Desert Hearts, Bestival, Veld, Spring Awakening, Firefly, Gathering of The Vibes, Voodoo Festival, Dreamstate, and quite a few others (yes we know some are in Canada). So feel free to contend on why you feel as if one of these festivals or any of the many other music festivals in America deserve to be included on this list.


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