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The Caracal Project shares his influences for ‘Modern Intimate’


French Drum & Bass producer Félix Burnod aka The Caracal Project has been a rising star amongst the new generation of producers currently breaking through. Having released on pivotal names such as DIVIDID and Neosignal, he returns through his own self-releasing project with brand new selections.

Featuring two parts, ‘Modern Intimate’ delivers the sounds which enabled The Caracal Project to draw so much attention. Whilst ‘Pt. I’ focuses on the genre which led him to catching international attention, ‘Pt. II’ slows the tempo with more trap infused breakdowns. Already spearheaded by tastemakers such as Annie Mac, alongside a host of big-named DJ support like Netsky, The Caracal Project is branching off and creating his own space within the dance music world.

Here, The Caracal Project gives a glimpse into some of the music that inspired and influenced him to create the ‘Modern Intimate’ project.

You can listen to both parts of ‘Modern Intimate’ below. And make sure you grab yourself copies of the ‘Modern Intimate’ project from here

The Caracal Project ‘Modern Intimate Pt. I’

The Caracal Project ‘Modern Intimate Pt. II’

Four Tet ‘Locked’

I discovered this track going through the radio in my parents’ house about a year ago (like it rarely happens these days), the volume was really low yet the looping flute just caught my attention. It was so catchy, so irregular while being redundant, which is the same feeling I tried to create in MI with the vocal loop.

Juno Mamba ‘Flicker’ (edit)

The progressive aspect of this track really influenced the arrangement of Pt. II, I remember listening to it on a surf trip to southern Sahara with my family around Christmas time. The track’s progression is very simple, relying on just taking elements in and out to create the breakdown, it feels like it came together really fast, like Pt. II.

Paul Kalkbrenner ‘No Goodbye’

The simplicity and purity of the mood of this piece directly infused MI; the simple melancholic intriguing feeling caught me. It’s also very progressive, relies on just a handful elements, it’s the kinda sh*t that grabs your limbic system and holds tight.

Luxury ‘Joy TV’

If you know me as a person, you know I have a positive look at things by default and that I’m always hopeful for good things to happen. Well this bit from Luxury is all about hope to my ears, very candid sounding, pure, happy, hopeful. It’s my dancing in the rain jam, MI has that it sounds sad but full of hope. It’s very relatable to the times we’re experiencing.

Herzeloyde ‘552’

The synth from this track has been a direct inspiration for Pt. I, and I think it can be heard very clearly. It’s just a solid reference to my “French Heritage” (as Buunshin would say). Filter house is part of my DNA, hence the wobbly sample!

Max Cooper ‘Trust’ (Kimyan Law Remix)

Kimyan has been an influence for a long time, people tend to refer to him as the organic chill touch to DnB (in our scene at least). But I’ve been very into his drum work personally. It also directly influenced MI.

The Upbeats & Ivy Lab ‘Pharaoh’

This track has such a flow, insanely progressive and mysterious, it’s one of those tunes that creates movies in your head. Feels like the sound is rolling forward, which was the intension on Pt. II, a solid rolling block.

The Caracal Project ‘Modern Intimate Pt.I and Pt.II’ are out now and available from here


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