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Sangria and Tapas with…Luciano



Here at Data Transmission, we had the occasion of exchanging a few words with Luciano and find out more about his projects and future visions like this new party he is putting up with the Ushuaïa team. Luciano offered a valuable insight into the music industry by genuinely answering some questions about this new party called DYSTOPIA that has already started last Friday 1st of June. These are Luciano´s answers to our questions, enjoy!

You are well known for your party Vagabundos and both DYSTOPIA and Vagabundos, in what terminology concerns follow this line of social disobedience. Why this affinity?

Because always in the idea of having a party there is a certain feeling of freedom and in the freedom, there is the idea that the walls are falling, that no one judges you, you can dance the way you want; you can dress the way you want. You can basically do all the things that you normally can’t do in daily society, so that was the philosophy behind Vagabundos, is having fun, healthy fun and healing fun, I would say you know there’s also all kind of different fun but is very important to have a very constructive and positive fun. I would say that this is also the line of DYSTOPIA and before that Vagabundos, the idea of having a party without boundaries.

Why is Ushuaïa the place for your party?

Ushuaia and I have a long love story. From the very first days, I remember at the very beginning, the first parties at the beach, before Ushuaia was turned into a Hotel, I started my friendship with Yann (Yann Pissenam –founder of Ushuaia), that has been going on for years, we shared the same mentality and visions, and even business-wise we started great projects. I always dreamed of having a daytime party and getting people together, and that’s what Ushuaia did. That’s what happened. To me I was always a vagabond, I would say, in my soul; I would travel from here to there. I am one of the few DJs on the island that has been working with most of the clubs and parties. I always have loved this idea of sharing myself with the people, with loyalty and respect. This doesn’t mean I am making cold war with anyone. I am loyal and respectful; I share everything with the people that appreciate what I do. I like to be around the people in Ibiza that believed in me, they believed in what I do and believed in my way of expressing myself, and in Ushuaïa, I found these people. And to me after being all around, after playing in all these clubs in the island it felt natural, it felt like the right moment of my carrier, with the energy that I am having right now to come back to my mothership.

What is the musical line you follow?

It is very simple, is my soul

What does your party have that makes it different from others?

There is no pretention of being different, better or worse than others. It’s just doing what our soul and heart say, we go with the moment. This is the philosophy behind what we do. There is honesty with the people and with us, with our group and to who we are. Being loyal to our beliefs is important.

What kind of people do you consider to be your public? With what mentality do people have to enter DYSTOPIA?

DYSTOPIA is the alternative that Ibiza somehow needs right now, I remembered maybe 18 or 17 years ago, we were a bunch of people forming lineups at DC 10 and Cocoon, there were a very few amounts of us playing new music for the island. What happened, back in the day, was that a new sort of music was creating unity; it was uniting a lot of people that were discovering a new sound.

This came with a whole new wave of musicians, new people that came and the island became saturated. Everybody was trying to display the same lineup, I know because I had a booking agency and I had all the promoters that worked for every club of the island trying to get the same DJs. They were offering more money to have a different lineup, basically digging from the same pot. With this phenomenon they create division instead of unity, it started to divide people from here and there. It creates competition, greed and all these things. We got to this point where it was a bit saturated. Everybody is trying to hit the new DJ, be in the new musical zone, find the new genre of music, however maybe this is not the way of creating a new wave of music. Maybe the way of doing something new is thinking more in the way you consume the party, finding the healthy way of bringing something new. We have to show a different attitude. Finding the new energy within the party is what I find extremely attractive in DYSTOPIA.

At our party there is art; there is food there is music, there is healing, there are the people on the island, and that is very important. There is all kind of things that will bring different inputs to the party. There are melodies, there is a lower tempo, there is a lower energy frequency there is a healing thing there, and that is something extremely important today.

If there anything else you want to add, please don’t hesitate.

I always considered that the public makes who I am. I don’t exist without the audience. I exist with the public that I love. I exist through the people, and this is something that I am extremely thoughtful and careful about. They guide me through my activities. I know there is a change in me that keeps pushing me to be an artist and to be creative including being healthy with myself.

With all of this said the only thing its left for me to mention it’s good luck with this new adventure, and can’t wait to find out more in first hand at Ushuaïa in the next encounters that will be taking place until the 28th of September. So let’s unleash the DYSTOPIA!

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