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Sangría & Tapas with Jordan: Ibiza insights 2019


After attending a few of his events in Ibiza during the winter of 2019, we were curious to find out what goes on in the summer and, observe the evolution of a young artist and entrepreneur closely. He has been very close to the Romanian Electronic music, which seems to be the differential point of all his musical enterprise. I think we should always take into account the point of view of the outsiders when it comes to a genre, a style or even a cultural musical current like the Romanian electronic. This is Jordan’s vision over this particular genre and a glimpse to his trajectory as a Producer, DJ, Promoter and label owner.

When was your first contact with the Romanian electronic music?

Good afternoon, I am delighted with this interview. Thank you for contacting me. This question is not easy to answer; I have been listening to Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano’s sets when they were at their best around the year 2004-2005. Around the year 2007, I started to hear these incredible sounds in those sets that were so hard to find in Madrid. It was when I discovered Pedro, who was one of the first Romanian artists to play live at Circoloco. Later that year a:rpia:r entered the music scene, and so it caught my interest.

What is the name that best defines it?

The common name that is given to it here in Spain is ‘Rumaneo’.

How would you describe this genre musically? What do you think makes it so unique?

In my opinion, what makes this sound special are those forceful bass lines and the harmonies that live within the circuit of this particular club music.

What can you tell us about the Romanian producer and DJ?

Let’s say that they had a figure like Ricardo Villalobos, who from the beginning supported this movement. However, before that, they already had DJs and excellent producers in the Romanian music scene. Their sound is very characteristic. They have been able to adapt and correctly reinvent themselves without losing that sound that made them catapult to the best clubs in Europe.

What is the magnitude of this style in Ibiza?

It is quite low. We are a minority who follow this sound or like this concept. From my point of view, Ibiza lost its essence years ago to make way to the mainstream and reggaeton parties.

Tell us a little about your label and your party. What vision do you have, where does the name MuM come from, what makes you different from other events or other labels?

This party is focused on what the word underground refers to. The focus of our parties is to blend our locations with a specific sound. Whatever is different within techno, house or minimal, fits in our party concept. Our label came a year after starting our journey in the electronic night of Ibiza in 2018. It was one more step to let us know the world and enjoy the music of the producers who come and play at our events.

What kind of challenges have you encountered when starting the MuM project?

Above all the lack of opportunities, the lack of support for young entrepreneurs and the lack of desire of the city council of Ibiza to support clubbing music as culture.

Competing with other brands of a different style that are more mainstream and having good results has probably been the most crucial challenge achieved by MuM Records.

In addition to the B12 Gallery, what other club or place in the world do you consider ideal for MuM party?

I think B12 Galery Ibiza is a right spot for this type of music, a small and intimate club where you can experience the extended set of the invited artists.

At this time, we are involved in expanding the brand throughout all parts of Europe and Latin America, in countries like UK, Italy, Chile, and Argentina, which are countries that we have visited already.

Other countries like Holland and Germany are suitable for parties in our musical style, and we would be happy to play there. Portugal is a country that we like a lot and where we could embark on a project soon.

What plans are there for this summer? First with you then with the party and finally with the label.

Well, summer is a period that I dedicate only to me, to be able to enjoy playing and to take time to rest in terms of event preparation.

MuM Records 002 was released earlier this month, and 003 will arrive at the end of it just before starting a new winter stage and our series of events again.

The summer started very well, several promoters echoed my work, and I will be playing with them in Ibiza. I am talking about The Zoo Project & OneNightStand. Besides this, I have been this summer around Europe and Latin America, destinations that trusted me and my work.

What track should our readers listen to while reading your interview?

Undoubtedly, MuM Records 001 Xandru – Talma 22 ep.

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