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Myth tell us his musical influences


Myth is a guy who is going from strength to strength at the moment. With releases coming thick and fast and at a high standard set by himself and as one half of Ill Truth, his future is looking bright!

Myth originally comes from Cheddar, Somerset, but lived in Bristol for 5 years. He recently moved back to Cheddar, as the party and the work started to blur together, he needed to take a step back. He first got into Drum & Bass through a friend (Martin Elder) who was a DJ and a local legend. Myth has also asked us to shout out the “skanky generals” who influenced his style of mixing heavily! So big ups!

He started DJing aged 15 and played his first live set at age 16. From there he began playing at a few parties in clubs etc but his first actual rave was when he was 17. He was snuck into Motion by a friend who worked there! The first act he saw was Calyx & Teebee and that set the premise for his career. Five or six years later, he started producing, roughly 1 year after his Ill Truth partner Haden. Haden brought the production angle and Myth brought the DJ angle to the duo. He had to lock himself away for some time in an attempt to catch up so the pair were on the same level.

To date Myth has released on: The North Quarter, CIA, Subtitles Music, Lockdown Recordings, 31 Recordings and more. With future releases planned for Engage Audio, Subtitles, 4 Corners Music, Dispatch, Alternate (new label) and CIA, makes you wonder….does he ever sleep?!

We caught up with the man of the moment to find out about his musical influences. There’s some great music and 1 or 2 surprises!

Emalkay ‘Crusader’

I remember hearing ‘Crusader’ when it first came out and it was the first tune I had heard like it. Super simple hook and jungle vibes with almost a garage step to it. A fusion of all things good.

Bob Dylan ‘The Times They Are A Changin’

This tune is like my musical palette cleanser. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired or troubled I just bang this on a few times. It’s great for clearing the mind.

2 Unlimited ‘No Limit’

This tune although quite cheesey nowadays was one of my first insights into dance music. My parents used to listen to this sort of thing and it always stuck with me. Love a rave stab to this day.

Roots Manuva ‘Witness’

I was a big hip hop fan when I was a kid. I remember this tune was the first heavy bass line I heard in a hip hop tune that wasn’t just a fat kick. Probably got into bass heavy sounds off the back of tunes like this.

Lomax ‘Artisan VIP’

This one has to be one of my favourite tunes to mix. Sneaking the little vocal through is super fun. Also, I love how the bass drops high and then drops down. Something I love doing in tunes.

Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo ‘Three Of A Kind’

Hydro showed me this tune a few years ago. The definition of a roller. How to make a bassline like that seems like a forgotten art to me. Play it every set. Tunes like this drive me to be better.

DLR, Villem, Hydro and Mako ‘The Formula’

This tune for me is the ULTIMATE. Arrangement is amazing. Sound design IS on point. Great samples. My dream is to make a tune as good as this.

Andy C & Shimon ‘Quest’

This tune encapsulates what I’m all about. Tight, tidy, minimal jungle flex. Classic.

Break ‘They’re Wrong’

Break inspires me all the time. This tune in particular though, this is a personal favourite. The interesting drum groove and the way the bassline moves around it. Plus the wicked musical elements. Modern jungle greatness.

Roni Size & Reprazent ‘Trust Me’

This is the first tune I remember hearing with a super Minimal intro. The tune is basically drums and bass. I really like how concentrated on the two core elements it is. Something that I strive for in my own productions.

Myth’s ‘Long Time Coming’ EP drops on 9th October via The North Quarter, make sure you grab it from here

Myth 'Long Time Coming' EP cover


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