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My Musical Influences: Sailor & I


Sweden’s Sailor & I begins to tease his much-anticipated new album on Get Physical’s freshly launched and exciting sister label METAPHYSICAL with a first single from it. The fantastic ‘Thinking About You’ landed on October 23rd 2020, with the full album, ‘Diving For Lost Treasure’, due in January 2021.

Sailor & I, is a Swedish singer, producer and instrumentalist who is renowned for his outstanding live act, having performed worldwide at key clubs and festivals. This multi-faceted artist has worked and performed alongside some of the industry’s finest names including Paul Woolford, DJ Tennis and M83 and has released an album and singles on Skint, Life and Death and Black Butter.

The album itself finds Sailor & I really going beyond his own limitations. A friend, Tobias Kampe-Flygare helped Sailor & I finish the productions in his studio in East London. It embodies the energy of the 3 cities it was written in. The sleepless, hungry heart of Berlin, the busy streets of London and the endless light of Scandinavian midsummer. It was made using old analogue gear with no samples and all instruments were recorded one by one, the traditional way.

Sailor & I speaks exclusively to us ahead of his second album to garner a taste for what’s to come. We got to hear a selection of tracks which have influenced the album and his sound in recent years. Read on for more…

Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian ‘Forbidden Colours’

This track I heard when I was visiting my mother for dinner in my late teenage years. I remember I loved the strings, David Sylvians voice and the sublime arrangement of the song. It’s still one of my favourite songs, such a mysterious feeling every time I hear it, it’s really unique.  

Four Tet ‘Mama Teaches Sanskrit’

An absolutely wonderful ambient song. It’s hitting me so hard emotionally every time I go back to it, it makes me see things in the past I had forgotten about. It also creatives this floating space of time, where I can see myself right now but from the perspective of the future, which creates a feeling of being vulnerable. 

Steve Reich ‘Music for 18 Musicians’ 

Steve Reich’s made an incredible contribution to modern music. Already back in the mid – late 60’s he was part of developing the minimal music scene. This composition from 1978 is one of my all time favourite musical works – it’s such an adventure to go for a stroll with Steve Reich! 

Bill Evans ‘Piece Peace’

I’ve listened to a lot of pianists over the years, one of my favourite is definitely Bill Evans. This composition manages to create an absolute calm vibe, there is both something sad and hopeful in this song.

5. Aphex Twin ‘#3’

I remember the first time I heard it. I was in NYC and was releasing my song Turn Around. I had just performed and met some new friends who after my show brought me to a nightclub in Brooklyn. It was probably 5-6AM and I was standing on a rooftop watching out over the East river as the sun was slowly climbing up over the Manhattan skyline. This was an incredible experience and the following week I had some experiences that I will never forget. Thank you all who were part of that journey. 

Mark Hollis ‘The Colour of Spring’

Besides sharing the same birthday with Mark, I’ve always felt a connection to him. I’m a huge fan of his band Talk Talk but wanted to showcase this song, which is one of my favourites of all time. It begins with 20 seconds of silence, I have no idea why they didn’t cut it away but I love that they did keep the silence. Not so sure it works that well in the streaming markets, but it’s a wonderful artistic example of letting things be the way they were – a document of a recording. 

Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere’

I haven’t been to Australia yet, but if I was 19 and would be backpacking in Australia I think my trip would be best captured like this sound wise. (and no, Fleetwood Mac are not from Australia).

Suicide ‘Dream baby, Dream’

Recorded with a Bontempi organ and a simple drum machine they managed to create such a powerful song combined with strong lyrical content and authentic vocals. 

Bryan Ferry ‘Slave to Love’

Who can bring back the romantic days of the 80’s better than Bryan Ferry?! I think it does not matter if you like the music or not, Bryan and Roxy Music inspired you in one way or another. 

Glenn Gould ‘Bach’s Goldberg Variations BWV 988’

How could anyone be born poor when music can sound like this? Isn’t it incredible that there are only 12 notes in music and that 300 years after Bach we still create new variations and combinations of notes forming melodies, sounds creating costumes for the songs to shine.

Sailor & I ‘Thinking About You’ is out now via Metaphysical. This is a great taster that whets the appetite for more singles to come later this year ahead of the full album in January. You can grab a copy from here

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