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Koven tell us their Top 5 Clubs in the UK


One of the most unique and exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times, Koven is the production alias of producer Max Rowat and fronted by DJ / Vocalist Katie ‘Koven’ Boyle.

Spotted as one of the pioneering artists to back cinematic bass music Koven have been collating millions of online streams as well as a string of high profile music placements in Film / TV / Advertising and Games.

The bass music duo has two more cinematic offerings and two more reasons to get excited for their hugely anticipated debut LP ‘Butterfly Effect’, which drops on Monstercat on 13th March. ‘All for Nothing / Shut My Mouth’ is the next single unleashed from the album. Continuing their success into 2020, they’re tracks which contrast one another yet are still underpinned by the emotive production standard which has become a defining part of Koven’s musical personality.

To coincide with the release, Katie has taken the time out to tell us about her 5 favourite clubs in the UK and what they mean to her.

Cable, London

I feel like Cable embodied so much of my youth and it was such a sad day when it closed down. It almost felt like it was part of the reason “Dubstep died” in the UK, as people used to say, because it was the home of so many of the pioneering dubstep events in the UK. I played some truly questionable DJ sets in room 2 there back in the day, and I was watching Max DJ there when he was ‘Koven’ by himself and I was just a Koven fan.

Fire, London

The club me and Max played our debut show together after announcing I had joined him in ‘Koven’ 6 years ago. A night filled with nerves and excitement!

Concorde 2, Brighton

There is something so special about leaving a club at 6am and being able to walk straight onto the beach and dip your feet in the sea, even when it’s freezing cold. So many good times at this club.

Koko, London

This was actually the first club me and Max ever met, at a Circus Records night. We had been following each other’s music online and randomly bumped into each other on the dance floor. I used to love the Circus Records nights at this venue. Going to the smoking area was always such an adventure, up the never-ending stairs – not that I smoke, but I used to join my friends,

Brixton Academy, London

Too many events at this venue to mention, so many good times we had here too. The Knife Party Haunted House tour was one stand out event I can think of. It’s always been a dream to perform in the main room of Brixton Academy. I’ve played in room 2 and 3 many years ago, but the main room of Brixton Acadamy is still very much a goal!

Fans and tastemakers are now left waiting for the last album single, with Max and Katie having been exposed to the world through its first segments. They’ve already demonstrated the talents which they both hold; as a vocalist, DJ, producer and through their musical harmony as a duo, also highlighting why the standard for ‘Butterfly Effect’ has musically surpassed even its already sky-high expectations.

Pre-order ‘Butterfly Effect’ here

Buy ‘All for Nothing’ / ‘Shut My Mouth’ here


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