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Joe Ford and Task Horizon Share B2B Playlist Full of Influential Sonics


Their forthcoming ‘Respawned’ LP, cleverly released on Evolution Chamber in captivating two-track EPs, represents Task Horizon’s careful selection of a diverse group of outstanding artists from the Drum & Bass spectrum to reinterpret their discography. This project melds Task Horizon’s original creations with the distinctive artistic expressions of each chosen artist, breathing new life into every track and offering fresh perspectives.

Among Task Horizon’s vast catalogue of standout tracks, ‘Inner Worlds’ and ‘Flame Fetish’ recently underwent remarkable transformations. Joe Ford has taken on the remix duties for ‘Inner Worlds,’ delivering a melodious sonic journey that pays tribute to Task Horizon’s original brilliance while infusing it with his unmistakable flawless sound design and energy. Meanwhile, Task Horizon’s VIP remix of ‘Flame Fetish’ propels listeners into a dynamic realm, which weaves in and out while maintaining the essence of Task Horizon’s original masterpiece, brought up to contemporary production standards. You can check out the release HERE

Fresh off the back of the latest ‘Respawned’ release, Joe and Task Horizon join us for an exclusive b2b DJ playlist full of bangers:

Spor – Kingdom 

Joe Ford: This track ranks among my top 3 Drum & Bass tunes (and perhaps even productions). I vividly recall listening to it and immediately thinking it was the most precise and futuristic things I’d ever heard. A significant portion of my own sound has evolved through attempts to emulate this track and similar Spor tracks from the same era. To this day, the bassline remains one of the most mind-blowing examples of sound design I’ve ever encountered. I absolutely adore this tune!

Noisia – Stigma

Task Horizon: This track was among the first tunes we encountered that momentarily made us contemplate giving up music production. The fusion of organic and acoustic elements seamlessly integrated into an entirely electronic composition is an art mastered uniquely by Noisia.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

Joe Ford: I was utterly blown away when I stumbled upon this track on Radio 1, one late night around 3 am. The constantly evolving, almost organic-sounding synth bassline was unlike anything I’d ever encountered. Jon’s knack for infusing musicality into raw and distinctive-sounding productions is something I deeply admire and somewhat envy. This album has significantly influenced my sound and the kind of music I aspire to create.

Spor – Aztec

Task Horizon: This track never ceases to amaze us in terms of its rapid composition, with the legendary story being that it was created in just a few hours. It prominently features a sample from the Vengeance sample pack, specifically the main lead or riff of the tune (Vengeance Minimal House Synth – Shot 155). It stands as a perfect illustration of how to effectively incorporate samples in today’s contemporary music landscape.

Koan Sound – Prism Pulse

Joe Ford: This track is yet another example of seamless musicality combined with incredible production skills. The way the bassline shifts throughout is truly out of this world. Blending that with captivating songwriting and crafting the vibrant, funky mood they excel at is an incredibly challenging feat. Koan Sound truly reign as kings!

The Future Sound of London – Papa New Guinea (High Contrast Remix)

Task Horizon: It is a beautiful piece of music that has remained with us over the years.

Magnetude – Trail of Tears

Joe Ford: Magnetude consistently excel at what they do best: delivering fiercely aggressive, high-quality Neurofunk with identifiable hooks and robust cinematic themes. Their unique and winning formula sets them apart, especially in a genre where many tracks can blend together. Magnetude’s music always stands out, and it’s undeniably exceptional.

Koan Sound – Chronos

Task Horizon: We’re genuinely fond of the fusion of melody and sound design in this track. It’s an aesthetic we’d love to explore and experiment with in the future.

Ekwols – Drowning

Joe Ford: This track is unbelievably energetic and heavy, incorporating all my favourite elements of Drum & Bass, such as grand cinematic emotions and powerful basslines. Successfully weaving together so many ideas and sounds into a track without it becoming chaotic is indeed an art form. In my opinion, this artist has a very promising future, and this track is truly amazing.

Magnetude – Trail of Tears

Task Horizon: It’s so good that we had to have it in here twice! The blend of melody and neurofunk in this piece is truly unparalleled, both in the past and the present. I particularly appreciate the storytelling aspect, and we’re so proud to have this on our label’s back catalogue. 

Task Horizon – Respawned: Inner Worlds (Joe Ford Remix) / Flame Fetish VIP is available to download/stream via Evolution Chamber HERE.





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