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Fresh off the back of their massive Duke Dumont collaboration ‘Real Life’, Gorgon City a.k.a. the British pair consisting of Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott have unveiled their new label Realm with a fresh new sound and first release. The imprint is designed to act as a platform for their more club focused tracks and underground sounds, marking an exciting new chapter in Gorgon City’s highly successful career thus far. The guys took to The Kingdom Tour, a 21-date stateside tour to present this new venture to the GC fans of the world.

We caught up with Matt from Gorgon City while enjoying some downtime between shows to chat about the new label, Kingdom Tour, future GC sounds, and their very special performance during  Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival.

How’s it going, Matt? How’s the Kingdom Tour treating you?

The tour is off to a great start… we are actually enjoying a few days off in between shows. We just did a show in San Diego and before that, we did Salt Lake City. I’m just chilling in LA for a few days while Kye is still in San Diego, chilling as well. Everything has been really great so far but it’s nice that we have a few days off to relax.

We hope you’re enjoying some poolside “R and R” on the west coast. You say the concept of this tour is to return to your underground roots? Can you elaborate on this concept? 

The last time we did a big tour in America we had a live band with us, we had two tour buses and it was a massive operation. It was very intense touring in that capacity. We love playing live but we love DJ’ing as well; DJ’ing is just as big a part of our project as playing with a live band. We wanted to come back to America – we took a bit of time off but before that, we had played in America for about six months apart from one or two festivals over the summer. We wanted to have a break from touring and then come back to America with a proper big tour – playing in really cool clubs and bringing really amazing supporting acts. We wanted to make it not just about us, we wanted to make it a club night which is good music all night long, every night. We’re bringing people like Solado, Moon Boots, Detlef; these amazing acts that we’re really big fans of. We wanted to make every night a full night of good music. It’s not just about Gorgon City, it’s about everyone that’s on the lineup. That’s what we wanted to do with the Kingdom Tour and we are really happy with all the supporting acts that we have on each lineup, so yeah, it’s been really cool.

 You have a lot of great names on your upcoming lineups and we are definitely looking forward to seeing you guys this Saturday during Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. More about Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival… You’ll be playing alongside Green Velvet, Matthew Dear, Jimmy Edgar, Riva Starr, and a few others I wouldn’t normally associate Gorgon City with, aside from Riva who remixed your track, ‘Money.’ You are playing a Brooklyn warehouse which is quite different than the “normal” Gorgon..City settings we’ve witnessed such as Ultra Music Festival and Central Park Summer Stage.  How did the idea for Gorgon City to play a dark Brooklyn warehouse come about, and how will your warehouse performance differ from previous performances in “lighter” spaces?

We’re massive fans of the underground house music and techno… we obviously love warehouse parties as well. It’s part of Gorgon City but it may not be as obvious to people that might not know us for that, but we’ve always been very into that world. We wanted to do something really cool and interesting, and we’re massive fans of Green Velvet. We’ve known him for quite a while, we’ve actually played with him a few times. We wanted to something special for Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival – play in an amazing venue with incredible supporting acts. I’ve never been to this venue, but I heard it’s going to be really cool. We just wanted to bring it back to the underground; people might not know us for that BUT  hopefully, they’ll have a good time. 

No doubt we will. You recently launched your own imprint REALM, along with the labels’ first release ‘Primal Call’. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Our label, REALM is definitely focused on that sound – more underground, “housier, more techy sounds. ‘Primal Call’ represents that sound and we are going to be putting out more tracks like that. People might know us for ‘Sirens’ and our more signature vocal tracks, but we’re always making club music and now we have a label to showcase that. We’re pushing that side of our project more and doing this show in Brooklyn will make people discover that side of us, where they might not have known about it before. And hopefully, they’ll enjoy it. Some Gorgon City fans might not be used to that — some prefer to see “live bands’ and may not be used to raving and going to big clubs, but hopefully, we’ll win them over and they’ll start wanting to go out and listen to house music more.

Well, Brooklynites love a good rave so we’re definitely looking forward to what’s in store for this weekend. REALM has been in the works for some time…why is now the right time for this new venture?

Yeah, we’ve wanted to do our own label for ages. I think we finally just got our acts together… maybe because we’ve had a little time to make more club music and think about that sound more. It was sort of the perfect time to launch it. Having a label does take quite a bit of organization, but we’ve recently had more time to plan it out. We needed an avenue to put out that type of music. Working with our label, Virgin, sometimes it was difficult to get things out. Releases would take a long time because of scheduling; sometimes being part of a major label could make things a bit slower. With our own label, we can put stuff out straight away. It’s cool to have our own avenue to put work out.

Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott… how do your individual artist identities and sounds differ from Gorgon City?

It’s more bass-heavy sounds. With “RackNRuin,” it was a mixture of different things influenced by UK underground dance music. Less “housey”, more bass-heavy. I think “Foamo” is kind of the same. It’s been a while since we’ve played under those names. We were younger when we started producing under those names; the sounds were more “UK sounding” whereas our music with Gorgon City is more universal. We’re working with a lot of vocalists and songwriters so that definitely differentiates our sound between those two projects and Gorgon City. We had never written a full album like ‘Sirens’ before we started Gorgon City so it was new for us. We were experimenting with new sounds and different production techniques; it was a learning curve as well. Before GC we were just doing underground club music, whereas now we’re making songs written like proper songs with verses, choruses, and layers.

We love your club music just as well as the “formal” works. Your recent collaboration with Duke Dumont, ‘Real Life’ made serious traction on the dance charts and in big rooms around the globe. Do you have any exciting collaborations in the works that we can look forward to?

 We’ve worked with loads of really cool acts for our new record which is coming out (hopefully) at the end of the year. There are some really cool singers coming up from the UK… we haven’t done any other recent collaborations with other producers aside from Duke Dumont, that was kind of like a one-off thing. We more-so work with singers and songwriters rather than other producers; we recently worked with some grime MC’s from the UK and it’s been really exciting. We have lots of new music coming out… we’ve done a new track with MNEK, the guy that did ‘Ready For Your Love’ with us which is a really cool tune. There’s loads of new stuff in the works, but I can’t really say too much or else it won’t really be a surprise, but yeah, there is a lot of cool, new music coming from us soon.

 Well, we will be patiently awaiting the new music. If you could change one thing about today’s music industry, what would you change?

Gosh, that’s quite a hard question… I guess the way that people consume music as it’s really different these days and the fact that putting albums out is much more difficult than it used to be. I would want more albums to be released rather than just singles. It feels like so many people put one track out every six months or so, and that’s them. I think it’s important for albums to be released and for people to actually take a bit of time to sit down and listen to an album in full, to get the whole story and get the whole picture of the artist rather than getting one track and streaming it on your iPhone. I think that’s what I’d change: MORE ALBUMS.

You make a good point, it makes a big difference when you can get lost in a complete album rather than play-out one track. So for our final question, when was your “this is it moment” when you realized you were going to make it as artists?

There’s definitely been a few… I think when our single, ‘Ready For Your Love’ made it into the TOP 5 on the UK charts. I think that was the first time anything major happened to either of us. That was the start of a new chapter in our lives, making music that lots of people liked. That gave us the confidence to make a whole album and work with really cool singers and songwriters. So yeah, I think that was it, when ‘Ready For Your Love’ made TOP 5.

That is certainly a timeless track. We look forward to seeing (and hearing) what the future holds for Gorgon City, and we are absolutely looking forward to seeing what’s in store for tonight’s Brooklyn Warehouse party.

Catch Gorgon City in a proper warehouse setting TONIGHT during Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival – PURCHASE TICKETS HERE


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