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Ibiza Chat: Fur Coat at Privilege Ibiza


The past week I had the chance to see the first act of this 2017 season of Fur Coat in Ibiza along with Pig &Dan, Victor Ruiz and of course the host of the Suara night in Privilege…Coyu.

Before that night, Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine gave me the chance to interview them, and as new members of the Record Label industry, I thought it would be interesting for them to share with us the adventure of building one.

Fur Coat is a duo that started their journey almost six years ago. The two have a spectacular career marked by releases for Watergate, Crosstown Rebels, BPitch, Control and Balance. They play across Europe and the US and you can find them in lineups at clubs and parties like Berlin’s Watergate, Stereo Montreal, D-Esge Brazil, London´s Fabric and Space Miami among a lot other. Fur Coat just started their new imprint Oddity and has already the support of artists like Tale of Us, Mind Against and Slam.

I will let you enjoy the interview that helps not only to get to know Fur Coat better as a duo but also get an insight of the world of the Record Labels.

I am very happy and grateful to get the chance to speak to you guys, especially at this moment when you just launched your new record label Oddity and came up with a brand new EP on it with the clever name “Genesis”. Can you tell us more about this new release that comes up this July 14th?

We are very happy about launching our own label. It´s been a project that we have been working for a while. As with everything that we do, we want to get it right want and put all your efforts into this project. We have been very careful curating the artwork alongside the music for each release. The Genesis EP is in honour of the birth of the label, being the origin of this new step in our career. This EP includes 4 tracks, three originals along with an amazing remix from Slam. We feel it’s a really complete package that represents us and what we do in the studio and live.

Tell me more about this collaboration with Slam were you sharing the studio or was it done indirectly?

With the remix, we shared the tracks with close friends while we worked on the label. Slam and Tale of Us have been two of the early supporters of the music, Orde and Stuart from Slam really digged Sustain, so it was really natural asking them if they wanted to be involved in the project. We are huge fans of their music, and they are legends. So their remix matched perfectly for what we are searching for on the label.

 Can you fit this new EP in a certain style? What artists and influences inspired it?

This EP is us doing what we feel. Although as every artist you can be related to a sound or to a group of other musicians that have a sound or are doing a similar thing, we always try to do our own thing. It’s groovy, it’s melodic, it’s techno. Actually, it all resumes to the constant natural evolution when we go to the studio. It’s music that we like to play and that fits in our sets, always experimenting with techniques, synths and other sorts of inspiration.

You have mentioned in your press release that you started your own label in order to express yourselves and have 100% the control on the art concept that you come up with. How would you describe the world of the record labels?

Yes, we did mention this. It´s not that in other labels we have released on you don’t have any opinion. We wanted the freedom of being our own boss and owning our project, which allows us to express a bit deeper. Many labels have already a pattern designed for their covers, some other experiments with designers, but it’s something that’s coming from them and we can approve within certain established patterns. This makes sense as it´s the same thing we are doing on our label. Now we can put the artwork we want based on a concept or a specific designer or whatever we have in mind to make the physical art special. Now music wise, we always are what we feel and music sometimes matches a certain label or it doesn’t, we never adapt or try to fit our music for a label sound. Same it’s the case for our label, we have even more freedom to be more experimental, more techno, or more groovy or whatever we have in mind, and it will fit our label as its naturally our sound. Same for the new talent and established names we sign. We will look for music firstly that fits our sets and that we want to play, but at the same time be able to have that side to showcase more experimental things of the artists.

What does make your record label different than the others?

Every record label in a way is different from the other. If you are doing what you feel and expressing yourself then you’re different from the others. Although many people think in a similar way, if you put your own out there something unique should come.. When you do it from your heart and soul, it will come differently. As everyone knows everything in the world is already done probably, and that what makes it different is the perspective and your own touch when you do it. In this case the music we sign, the artworks we put out, it´s us and for everyone that’s being themselves, makes them unique and different.

What kind of artists are you looking for Oddity Records, is there any specific sound or genre?

We aren’t looking for specific artists although we have many names and friends in mind, which will participate as remixers. We won’t reveal it yet as everything will be announced per EP. A sound and genre off course we have, it’s a techno label that could have melodic music, just groovy or with a darker mood, with the most important element, that fits in our sets. All these without leaving out the space to sign an experimental track from an artist that can be just for listening, something beatless, something like an electronic track. We can’t put boundaries in what comes to the music, although we are clear of the sound and direction we are going, but we are looking for ¨Oddities¨ in a good way, those special gems that aren’t common.

How are you going to plan your release schedule, is it going to be a monthly release or a more infrequent one?

We are thinking at first not putting out more than 4 releases yearly. We have no rush on a schedule, we want to put out music that we are 100% happy with, and if this means it could take more time in between releases, then it will be like that. At this point we aren’t looking to put out under a pressure schedule, we are looking to do things the right way (from our point of view) and make every release special.

What obstacles do Fur Coat and now also, Oddity Records face, considering there are two of you?

I think we never see this as an obstacle. There will always be circumstances that you have to overcome. It’s the interesting thing in a career. If you don’t have any new goals or things to overcome, then I think a career is done. Being two of us hasn’t ever been a problem , as we know each other for more than a decade. Fur Coat is just a natural project that we decided to do as well as Oddity. You never have a written future, so basically, nobody knows what will happen in the next 10 years of Fur Coat or Oddity, but one thing we can assure is that our hard work will continue as always to keep always things interesting for us and for those who support us.

Apart from obvious expenses, what are the challenges you have faced with releasing Oddity music on vinyl?

I think we are in a time that people is buying vinyl again. As any label or friend that has a label, probably we aren’t going to be millionaires out of vinyl sales, but that’s the cost of working on a new project. This is about taking risks and not staying in a comfort zone. This isn’t just about how many vinyl’s we sell or if it’s going to be profitable. All our energy is focused on all these things trying to make it happen, but as we said before, no one controls the future. The best we can do is put all our efforts and be true to ourselves in what we are doing. When you do it like that the rest flows naturally.

What advice would you give to upcoming DJs and music entrepreneurs that want to start their own record label?

Nowadays it’s easy to start a record label with all the digital platforms readily available. You have to be clear that it’s an investment of time and money. So first of all be prepared for that. Everyone has the right to follow his or her dreams, especially if its something that comes from the heart. If you believe you have a concept and music to showcase and you are capable of launching your own label, just do it. We believe the people that do these things from the heart, being unique and just following what they feel to be original, only good things could happen naturally. It´s true this can be a roulette, but what in life isnt?

Now, on a more relaxed tone, I would like to ask you what artists or songs do you listen to that are non-electronic?

At the moment we are really into listening electronic influenced music. One of our favorite new discoveries is an artist called SOHN. We can mention music from Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode, Air, Boards of Canada; we have a broad taste in music and appreciate any kind of genre as long as it’s good and well done.

And finally, to make sure our readers know you a little more, I would like to know if you have any superstitions or rituals before you play out in front of the crowd?

We don’t really have any specific rituals or superstitions and we know it could sound boring. What we do believe is in positive energies. Our routine before a show is probably to have a nice dinner, powernap, get to the club or festival, check out the vibes and just dip into it!


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