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Hide & Seek Festival tell us their headliners top tracks


The North’s newest and most exciting boutique electronic music and arts festival Hide & Seek is coming to the lush grounds of Capesthorne Hall, a stately home set in 100 acres of picturesque Cheshire countryside. The festival will take place on 31st August.

The festival will be held in the magical ‘Mill Wood’ area of the historic landscape, amongst three lakes and stunning gardens featuring Dan Shake, Francesco del Garda, Ingi Visions, Jamie 3:26 and Jeremy Underground – plus Josh Baker, Margaret Dygas, Mathew Jonson (live), Nicolas Lutz, Praslea, Spokenn and Voigtmann.

For more info head to – http://www.hideandseekfestival.co.uk/

To get us hyped for their debut outing the guys behind Hide & Seek Festival have selected their favourite tracks from their 2019 headliners’…

Mathew Jonson ‘Typerope’ [Itiswhatitis]

A true masterpiece by one of the most respected artists within the scene. It is so magical and takes you on a real journey once you take in the whole 8:11 mins.

Ingi Visions ‘RJG’ [Slapfunk]

The new wave of UKG is spreading throughout the scene and this track by the dutch brothers is a great representation of the sound. The bouncy vocal hook and exciting arrangement keeps you guessing throughout.

Spokenn ‘Cosmic Sense’ [VBX]

Modular bleeps and skippy drums keep this track from Ferro & Reiss bubbling throughout. This one has received some major support from the biggest minimal DJs!

Voigtmann ‘Separation Attitude’ [North/South Records]

’Separation Attitude’ is a real futuristic sci-fi banger. Guaranteed to erupt the dance floor!

Draculas Lutz & Omar ‘Instrumento’ [My Own Jupiter]

This Nicolas Lutz alias along with Omar features bellowing bass stabs with hypnotising vocals. If you hear this on a big sound system you will be sure to remember it.

Margaret Dyags ‘Even 11’ [Perlon]

A minimalistic piece of magic by the Queen herself on the infamous Perlon label. The carefully crafted breakbeat groove is one that not many could replicate to such effect.

Jamie 3:26 & Crate Bug ‘Hit It n Quit It’ [Salsoul Records]

An anthem which has featured in nearly everyone’s record bag at some time. Hooky baseline and mesmerising vocals.

Dan Shake ‘3AM Jazz Club’ [Mahogani Music]

His first release on the iconic label Mahogani Music owned by the mysterious Moodyman.

Jeremy Underground ’NYC Underground’ (Sexy Thing Remix) [My Love Is Underground]

Released on his legendary My Love Is Underground. A true deep house stomper.

Praslea ‘Jurnal De Bord’ [a:rpia:r]

A man of few productions but quality is not spared in any of them.


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