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Exploring the Resurgence of Real Progressive House With Forensic Records Co-owner Fordal


With a history dating back to 1998, UK-based electronic imprint Forensic Records has been involved in the evolution of dance music across three decades. It’s no surprise that its releases, all two thousand plus of them, have come in all different shapes and sizes throughout the years. More recently, the label is at the fore of a resurgence in ‘proper’ Progressive House, reminiscent of its heyday in the nineties and early noughties. 

Steered by longstanding DJ/Producer Lexicon Avenue and more recently label co-owner Fordal, Forensic Records continues to advocate for that authentic Prog sound, as championed on the label’s latest release from Fordal himself, along with sought-after Spanish talent, Luis Damora. Download/stream it herehttps://album.link/FOR2027

Fresh from the release of ‘Alleviate,’ we caught up with Forensic co-owner and fast-rising Progressive prospect Fordal for an in-depth chat about the genre, the label, the artist and much more. 

Hey Fordal, thanks for joining us. Can you share some insights into the creative process behind your ‘Alleviate’ EP?

Well, it all flowed from the vocal. I wrote a chord progression that I felt reflected the mood I wanted from the instrumental and then set about conceptualising the sounds I wanted. I went for dark and aggressive synth sounds juxtaposed with mellow drums and low end. Once the key decisions were made, it all just came together perfectly.

As a co-owner of Forensic Records, how do you balance your responsibilities as a label executive with your role as an artist? How does being on both sides of the industry influence your approach to music?

I try to keep them as separate as possible. Being the artist is when I’m in a creative mood; being the label boss is when deadlines are approaching and we need to make some big decisions!

‘Alleviate’ seems like a meaningful title for an EP. Could you elaborate on the title’s significance and how it ties into the overall concept of the music?

I really felt the mood of the track captured me into a trance, so I went with Alleviate as it alleviated me from all my daily stresses.

Madrid’s Luis Damora also delivers a remix of ‘Alleviate’. How did the collaboration with Luis come about, and what unique elements do you think he brought to the remix?

Forensic has long been a long-time admirer of Luis Damora, and we were thrilled to have him released with us a few months ago. We thought his percussive progressive style would be a great alternative to the warmth of the original. I think he absolutely killed it!

With the rise of Melodic House & Techno, a lot less authentic Progressive House is being made. Why do you think that is, and what can be done to make the genre as popular as it was in the past?

I think it is just having its heyday like Progressive House did all those moons ago. I think it’s very natural that some progressive artists like to have one foot in each pond… If that’s an actual saying, lol.

Forensic Records has a reputation for supporting innovative and forward-thinking electronic music. How does the label contribute to the genre’s evolution?

Forensic Records has been going for twenty-five years now, and our mantra is as true today as it was back when we started: we just seek out the best music we can, plain and simple! We started out as a deep house imprint; we have evolved into a more progressive house sound over the years. Any contribution to the genre’s evolution, I guess, is just a consequence of whatever we’re feeling at the time.

What do you believe sets Forensic Records apart from other labels? How do you see the label’s role in shaping the future of Progressive House?

I think we really hunt out the artists we absolutely love, even if they don’t yet have much of a profile. We really support and believe in them, and they help us remain current and forward-thinking.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future of Forensic Records and your music career? Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations?

The goal for Forensic is to continue doing what we’re doing in the progressive scene; we have some incredible Eps ready to drop in the next few months. But we’re both very excited about a new label we’re starting, the name of which I can’t reveal, but its aim is to be more experimental, encompassing new sounds and movements which we love but think would be out of the scope of the flagship label.

As for me, I’m just going to continue doing what I love doing- making music! I have so many new tracks ready to go and lots of pots on the stove. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing them very soon.

Fordal’s ‘Alleviate’ (incl. Luis Damora Remix) is available to download/stream via Forensic Records here.


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Forensic Records

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