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Annix tell us 10 tracks that have rewritten rules


Revolutionizing the sound of dancefloor Drum & Bass over the last few years, Annix have continued to rise through the ranks since the duo joined forces. Handpicked by DJ Hype and Pascal back in 2012, they’ve earned fixture status on home label Playaz Recordings. They’ve since released on RAM, Viper and plenty more, continuing to hone their sound and forge their own path musically. This partnership has quickly evolved into a winning combination, captivating audiences worldwide with a hefty fifty-plus combined releases to date.

Now, just as you thought it was safe to walk the streets, Annix crash land into our grimy little universe once again…expect nothing less than a riot! Their new single ‘I Like To’ is a barking mosh of a jam with electrified bass! Dropping on Crucast today, they deliver once again.

To coincide with the release Annix have chosen 10 Drum & Bass records that have rewritten the rules. No strangers to being quite unconventional in their approach to production, we thought it would be a good idea to get their views on some of the more out of the box productions from the archives.

Shimon & Andy C ‘Body Rock’

This song is completely unique and was one of the first Drum & Bass tunes we heard with a skippy triplet rhythm. Absolutely timeless and completely stood out in a world of Amen breaks.

Bad Company ‘The Nine’

So ahead of its time and is still rinsed today. The atmosphere and progression of this tune is amazing and instantly recognisable.

DJ Fresh ‘Tombraider’

Fresh is the king of sampling and this track is a great of example of that. Fresh has always been great at picking samples which throw the rulebook out the window and completely change what’s “acceptable” in a Drum & Bass track.

DJ Hazard ‘Machete’

This song is just absolute chaos. It really pushed the limits of how Loud and angry a Drum & Bass tune could be. The intro is also timeless and very recognisable.

Rockwell ‘Reverse Engineering’

Rockwell is a god of throwing the rulebook out the window. He has many examples of this but I picked this track purely for how crazy it is because it sounds like it’s being played backwards. I’ve always wondered what it would sound like being played in reverse: 😀

Lynx ‘Disco Doco’

There’s really no other tune like it and still one of the best 4×4 Drum & Bass tunes out there, it still sounds completely fresh today.

DJ Pleasure ‘Weapons of Power’

Pleasure was one our biggest inspirations in jump up when we started out and this is his sound done to perfection. Pretty much everyone in jump up was trying to make these kind of sounds.

Noisia ‘Stamp Out’

This was a great mix of Noisias usual techy style and a slightly less serious dancefloor vibe. There seemed to be a lot more hybrid stuff after this tune came out.

Ivy Lab ‘Sunday Crunk’ (Mefjus remix)

This seemed to blow everyone’s minds when it first came out. The way the track sounds like a conventional Drum & Bass buildup only to switch into some ridiculously heavy half time was just insane and one of the best examples of this style there is.

Tyke ‘Buzzards’

This was foghorn way before foghorn was cool. It completely stood out from everything else at the time and was just such a completely different vibe, crowds didn’t know what to do when it was dropped.

Don’t forget Annix’s new single ‘I Like To’ drops today, check it out below and grab it from here


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