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5 favourite dancefloors to DJ by Darius Syrossian


A true workaholic, Darius Syrossian has been living, breathing, playing and producing house music for all of his adult life. Having worked 14 years in a record shop, he has a grass-roots knowledge and understanding that has helped him rise to the very top of the global pile.

Having played gigs at every major club and festival in every continent, he has also produced & released music on a host of the biggest record labels out there.

Recent years in Ibiza have seen Darius take on busy weekly residencies for some of the White Isle’s most celebrated clubs, including Amnesia, Vista club, Sankeys Ibiza and as well as perform 19 shows for Space Ibiza in its final season (including the grand closing on the car park to 5,000 people) and guest slots at DC10. 

This year saw Darius launch his new project Moxy Muzik, which is both a record label (vinyl & digital) & party concept, which sees Darius play long extended sets in small intimate clubs.

We’ve asked him to pick some of his favourite dancefloors to DJ for our new feature.


I love playing both rooms at Amnesia. The terrace and the club room, but if I had to have a preference I’d say the club room slightly edges it due to the supreme sound system in there!

I’ve never had a bad set in there and it’s always been an amazing show when I have played that venue, having played there last summer weekly for DO NOT SLEEP and a couple of the amazing Pyramid parties.

It’s great to be back there this summer and all the shows we have done so far this season have also been amazing, especially the B2B I did with the legend Stacey Pullen last Friday on the terrace.



Pretty much any show in Argentina, be it in a club or a festival or outdoor one-off festival show.

The Argentina (and generally south American) crowds are an absolute joy to DJ to, they don’t expect commercial tech house, and they are not obsessed with bottle service VIP culture, they just want to dance to quality underground house and techno and they really show their appreciation for it too.

I love playing in Argentina every time I go there.


The now called Octan (formally known as Sankeys Ibiza), this VENUE, I know will not lose its underground charm now that it has become Octan.

I know the new owner and his Octan club in, Malaga is like a mini amnesia, the guy knows how to throw a party and this venue, the layout of the room, the low ceiling, how it’s set up acoustically lends itself well to make a good sound system sound even more fierce.

I have played in this venue for years and it’s great to see that it is gonna continue to throw quality underground parties even if it’s changing names.

I look forward to doing my two VIVa Warriors shows there on July 14th & July 21st this summer.



Although this club isn’t a big London super club, and it’s very raw inside, that is the charm of it and what I like about it. It’s dark, intimate, the crowd surrounding the booth, which is so close to the dance floor – this is perfect for a proper underground party.

The 6 hour set I did early this year as part of my Moxy Muzik label showcase was incredible and I’m constantly being asked when my next show is, this club made its name with the Fuse guys and has recently had a little refurb but kept its raw underground feel and I love playing there.

Watch clips from Darius’ last Moxy Muzik party at 93 Feet East earlier this year. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_g8ebhNqG/?igshid=12ouribn2b5ue



I know Panorama Bar and Berghain have all the hype in Berlin, but you could say they are getting a little bit touristy now.

I have played Kater Blau a few times now and they don’t even do flyers or advertise, the crowd that seems to come just want to dance and it’s a great atmosphere, which in Berlin can be sometimes accused of being too serious.

It’s a dark club with lots of colourful props and small intimate spaces around the bar to chill and the dancefloor is situated around the booth so again it’s one of those clubs whereas a DJ you are close up to the crowd and can vibe with the dance floor which I love.


Catch Darius performing at Amnesia for Amnesia Presents x Do Not Sleep on 14th June + 20th September + 27th September (more details here) and Pyramid on 17th June & 29th July (more details here). He also plays for Sankeys 25 Years Festival in Manchester on 13th July.

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Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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