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Widely recognised within the Neurofunk sub-genre, Rido boasts a career that spans a little over 15 years and is marked by an impressive portfolio of releases on renowned labels within Drum & Bass, including Metalheadz, Blackout, and Eatbrain.

2023 marked the initiation of Task Horizon’s ‘Respawned’ Remix series on artist-led collective Drum & Bass imprint Evolution Chamber, with remixes from the likes of Audio, Burr Oak, Joe Ford and Phace marking the series’ inception. As they embark upon 2024, they’re are steadfast in our commitment to this endeavour and take pride in introducing the fourth instalment of the series, graciously presented by the distinguished Czech pioneer, Rido. 

Check out Rido’s 5 Facts / 5 Tracks feature below and check out his remix of Task Horizon’s ‘Hyperion’ on Evolution Chamber here: https://lnk.to/EVOC033

5 Facts:

1. The first fact is actually about the remix. If I am correct, I was asked to do it around 2020/21, the dark COVID times. So, I made a harder track. Then, the release was slightly pushed back because of the situation in the world, and when we started talking again about the release, I wanted to revisit the mixdown. I tried, but I wanted a better result. So, I decided to make a fresh second version. And that is the one that we decided to release. I listened to the 1st version recently, and it’s still quite interesting, but I am glad I started fresh and gave it one more go. 

2. I started learning piano when I was 27. I thought it might be too late for that, but I also felt that it could give me different ideas as I get better at the keys. Another reason is that I love the sound of the real piano. Before that, I mostly drew the notes into the sequencer, but I can not imagine not using the keys today. I got so used to working this way that I need at least two octaves of little keys to travel with me if I want to do any music composing while travelling. 

3. As a full-time music composer and sound engineer, I am mostly alone in the studio, so to stay motivated and not feel weird, I realise I have to exercise regularly, do some breathing techniques and take cold showers daily. I was always a sports guy; I played tennis during my childhood and skateboard/snowboard later, but if you asked a 20-year-old version of myself if I would go to the gym, I might have laughed at that. Now, I can not imagine not going. The same goes for meditation. I know we hear that all the time now around us, and it seemed to me for a long time like some nonsense, but I opened myself to that 4-5 years ago and started using an app on my phone, and it helps me to clear up my mind and be more focused. Don’t get me wrong, on some days, none of this helps, and I simply have to go for a walk, to the cinema, or do something away from the computer.

4. I am a huge fan of people and love being around creative, active and inspiring people. In the past, I mostly worked alone, but now, more and more I feel it’s important for me to reach out and meet up in person. A few years back, I started to be more open to things that I felt before were too much of a hustle or not so much in my interest, but thanks to that, it took me places and gave me a little more understanding. For example, one day, I spoke to a lady at a coffee shop about her journey to Santiago de Compostela. She told me she went via the Portuguese way and that it was lovely. It sounded interesting, but I just noted that. Until dinner that day. I met up with my friend Tomas, who took a friend I had never met before. We started talking, and he said he wanted to walk to Santiago. That excited me, and the next week, I bought a ticket to Bordeaux, where I started my journey via the French road to Santiago. I went by myself, and it was great! I have yet to finish the journey because it’s more than 700km, and I did not have that much time. But I still plan to go back to finish it up.

5. Fun fact about me and coffee. I am a non-smoker, and coffee tasted mostly like burned tobacco. So I was sure I’d never drink it. But my studio is in an area with many so-called 3rd wave coffee places, and while I was finishing my first album, I overdid it with the green tea. But I still needed that kick, so I tried one of the places, and to my surprise, I enjoyed the coffee and the flavour. So, I learned that I like coffee from Ethiopia. Since then, I have become interested in coffee and enjoy that slightly roasted fruity flavour. And sometimes I laugh at myself how serious I have become about coffee. I only drink double espresso. 

5 Tracks: 

The Prodigy – Out of Space

I’m not sure what I’d be doing if I didn’t hear The Prodigy back then. The first three albums are just something else! Until the time I heard The Prodigy, I enjoyed music, but I never got really excited. Everything changed for me since then. I could not stop listening to it and wanted to find out how to make such cool and crazy music. It’s been extraordinary that years later, I met Leeroy, who used to be part of the band, and I invited him to play at my night at Cross Club in Prague and had a great chat.

Bad Company – Colonies

This was the first DNB album that got me excited. I loved how it was fresh and futuristic then and still is to me. I picked Colonies because it is an 8-minute track that takes you on a journey. The first part is melancholic and quite orchestral jazzy, and then that Virus synth line drops with the filter out of nowhere. Because of this track, I bought Virus B, and I still have it to this day. It totally blew me away when I got it, and for the first two months, I did not sleep. 

Vangelis – Blade Runner

This music is so vivid, and it fits the movie so well. But when I saw it for the first time, I was confused about the music. It was different than I thought it was going to be. But that proved to be so good. It has grown on me so much since the first listen that it now feels like it has become a soundtrack of my life in a way.

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Well, this is the track I heard for the first time by my favourite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who recorded his version while floating on the ISS in space. And then it came back to me in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. I loved the film and the way they used the music. That movie actually inspired me to travel to Iceland. So be careful while you watch it.

Goldie – Inner City Life

It’s such a classic track that defines Jungle and Breakbeat culture. 

And the combination with the lovely vocal of Diane Charlemagne is simply unforgettable. I lived in London for half a year and went to some Metalheadz nights. It was so dark and future-sounding. I had no idea I’d be releasing music with them later.


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