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10 tracks that influenced ‘LIN001-004’


Amsterdam’s The North Quarter releases an EP by enigmatic artist LIN000 this Friday (19th November 2021). The unknown artist delivers a stripped back, Techno inspired four-tracker; ‘LIN001-004’. Exploring minimal and experimental dance music, LIN001-004 was approached with a “less is more” ethos – and without conforming to current trends. Just 4 DJ tools, each based around strong motifs, with depth and texture, and each with a strong individual identity.

“The reason we decided to play with an unknown artist type of thing was to try and create a little mystery. These days consumers are so used to “having it all and having it now” when it comes to media consumption. With social media you can often know every minute detail of artists. We felt that the mystique, the legend, the bit that feeds the imagination is kind of missing when it comes to music. So we hoped to bring that back a little bit. Also, it allows people to go in and listen to the music without any preconceptions about the artists. 

How we will go forward with this remains to be seen…” The North Quarter

The artist in question has given us a list of ten tracks that have influenced the release on The North Quarter. Their identity is due to be revealed this Friday so if you don’t know who it is or figured it out, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on social media…I know I will be!

If you haven’t already listened to the track we premiered, ‘LINOO4’, then you can do so below and get a copy from here!

LIN_FLUENCE001 Pugilist – Acid Flange 

LIN_FLUENCE002 Mono Junk – Channel B 

LIN_FLUENCE003 Skudge – Wiredrawn 

LIN_FLUENCE004 Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2 

LIN_FLUENCE005  El-B – Amazon 

LIN_FLUENCE006 Mr G – How Deep 

LIN_FLUENCE007 Martyn – Vancouver 

LIN_FLUENCE008 James Ruskin & Mark Broom – No Time Soon 

LIN_FLUENCE009 nowheretobefound – arrival 

IN_FLUENCE010 dubspeeka – Tanya