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A few years ago, Time Warp founder, Steffan Charles visited New York after Rob Toma and Antonio Piacquadio invited him to check out the local underground dance scene. He quickly noticed that the scene in New York was vibrant and lively and he was set on bringing the festival to NYC. To keep to the underground mantra, the festival’s location was kept unannounced until closer to the date. Originally announced at The Bronx Armory in 2014, the location quickly changed due to complications with the city and local officials.

But to no holds avail, the iconic Time Warp festival debuted in the United States and was a huge success receiving praise from the local Chief of the Police and the local community board in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The festival went on uninterrupted until 6am with zero fatalities or medical complications and the earth-shattering sound was distributed across two stages without any interference. There was no nearby residential area in sight and the only distress that was caused was from the coat check lines.  Over 9,500 attendees danced across two days of debauchery at 39th Street Pier to the likes of Dixon, Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin, The Martinez Brothers, Sven Vath, a live hybrid set by Dubfire, and plenty of other local and international techno acts.

Now in 2015, the location was originally announced as The Bedford Armory in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The 108 year-old armory in Brooklyn seemed ideal for the Cave 2.0 production with two floors and 138,000 square feet but it has plans to be turned into a recreational center used for the Crown Heights community and unfortunately the local community was not keen on having Time Warp hosted at the armory. In the past it has never been used as a concert hall or musical center but for food drives and various other community events.

Timewarp Ricardo Villalobos

The location was then moved back to the first location at the 39th Street Pier and is scheduled to host artists such as Black Coffee, Luciano, Thugfucker, a 4 hour B2B set between Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones, Monkey Safari, and the elusive and legendary Ricardo Villalobos (who hasn’t played New York since before the 911 attacks) on day one. Day two brings forth the Apollonia trio, Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati, Len Faki, Sven Vath, Tale of Us, and Recondite. Known to be one of the most prestigious techno festivals in the world, Time Warp has been going strong since 1994 and continues its steadfast worldwide presence having been presented in over 10 cities outside of it’s original location of Ludwigshafen across the river from Manheim in Germany.

Time Warp continues to vie to stay small and not give in to corporate greed and establishment by keeping the line-ups as “underground” as possible and the settings as intimate as possible. On November 20th and 21st, Time Warp will transform the 39th Street Pier into an icy subterranean cavern once again. The festival will take place from 10pm to 6am transporting visitors through various optical worlds through the infamous Cave 2.0 production. The space will metamorphose from a vast ice cave to a looming inferno dependent on more than 400 lamps and lasers. Making for an incredible atmosphere for the prodigious harmonies that will be purveyed.






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