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loose lips

Loose Lips is the name of the new innovators on the block, covering the entire spectrum of electronic dance. They are no strangers to throwing parties around the capital, and see themselves expanding to surrounding culture capitals with Manchester, Birmingham and Marseille all scheduled for the coming months.

Focussing on not only getting your feet moving, Loose Lips pride their brand on shedding light on underground artists, providing a platform to showcase art from across the board. Weekly podcasts are released every Friday, fresh music is compiled on a bi-monthly basis and exclusive illustrations are tied in with every event, so everyone is happy!

In order to make use of the ‘splendid’ British summer, Loose Lips have organised an 8 hour stint in everyones favourite South East London venue, Corsica Studios on Friday July 10th. Showing their faces again after a successful hosting of Room 2 for Jaded, they’re set to come back with an overhaul of the venue.

Room 1 plays host to Trikk, Ben Pest, Violet, Ashley Casselle, Eamonn O’Malley and the 70’s monikered Medallion Man whilst Room 2 houses the talents of IVVVO, Photonz, Silvestre, Don Found, Keino b2b Bi.Nomial and Rommek.

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