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Edit Select To Tour North America With Four Dates



Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Tony Scott has performed under various pseudonyms throughout his musical career since the early nineties, but the most prominent of them all is the moniker Edit Select. Edit Select will take on a selection of four dates on his North American tour, starting with a performance in Los Angeles presented by the newly established ethereal techno Ascetic Limited record label on July 29, hitting Blank Code in Detroit on July 30, Aphotic in New York on August 5, and rounding off with The Forgotten in Mexico on August 6.

Regarding the name Edit Select, “It refers to my preferences in the studio; I’m the world’s best (or worst) muter or editor. I finish a track, then leave it, listen again, edit the layout, mute the unnecessary parts, and then do it again the next week. Usually there’s nothing left! I’m OCD in music and in life… If it doesn’t fit, leave it. Rhythms interfering, or empty toilet roll lying around, both do my head in in the same way.” Truly an artist in his own right with a name to match a precision in passion. 

Inspired by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Dimitri from Amsterdam, the perfectionistic Edit Select produces and curates his own vein of warehouse-ready techno sounds and has headed performances across the world including shows in Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, and more. Edit Select Recordings started in 2007 as a contemporary no-frills quality output that has released artists like Tadeo, S100, Cassegrain, Dino Sabatini, Terence Fixmer, Giorgio Gigli, Pfirter, DaDub, Deepbass, and Mark Broom amongst others, with the upcoming Composites release underway mastered by Tony himself and Mike Parker.

Edit Select North America Tour Dates:

7/29 – Downtown LA / Los Angeles
7/30 – Blank Code / Detroit
8/05 – Aphotic / New York
8/06 – El Jolgorio / The Forgotten / Mexico