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Denney helps Cubed celebrate 6th Birthday


Cubism is not a homogeneous art movement but, rather a collection of extremely differing movements and directions, all of which have undergone metamorphoses during their own development and as such the good folk at Cubed have acted accordingly as their own night continues to evolve.

This Saturday 22nd April, our friends at the Reading based party celebrated their big 6th Birthday and they are doing it in style, as they welcome Denney to headline proceedings at Public Reading.   Joining Denney and co-founders Pete Wheeler and Chris Wells for some jelly & ice cream, mini sausages and of course the ultimate ‘cheese & pineapple on sticks’ will be the rising talented trio of Bowler, Cowlin & Iglesias, for what will be one hell of a party!

Happy Birthday to all at Cubed and here’s to many more!

For those that want to attend, Tiers 1-3 tickets are now sold out, final release on sale until they’re gone, we will see you down the front! >>>http://fatso.ma/cAlo 



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