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Berlin Atonal Announce The Long Now Event


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Berlin Atonal. A milestone in the German movement which gave Berlin its musical identity. The very same festival which allowed artists the freedom to express their emotions, be it love or anger. 1982 saw the premiere of the festival at SO36 Club, playing host to the latest punk movement, innovating the platform for all non-conformist movements.

This year Berlin Atonal will be back at Kraftwerk where the festival has found a home over the last few years, where the spectacles range beyond the sonic regions and into visual odysseys. If you missed it last year,2014 was the year artists such as Samuel Kerridge and OAKE began their UF project and Dasha Rush’s one off Atonal specific projects could have been viewed.

This weekend, March 28th-29th, Berliner Festspiele & Berlin Atonal Present: The Long Now. The fabrics of space and time itself will unfold before us while artists will augment their craft, filling time with music and space with their art.

Artists will include the likes of Actress, Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup, Mike Vaino and Thomas Köner amongst other strictly A/V artists.

This festival is not a process, but a voyage through one’s psyche that takes place over the period of over 24 hours. Not one for the feint of heart or mind.

Tickets are available now at: http://bit.ly/19ghUaW


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