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Zak Meow drops ‘ZMad’ on Imagine Audio


Fresh off his latest collaboration with the powerhouse Mad Hed City, Zak Meow returns with an electrifying new single titled ‘Zmad’ on Imagine Audio.

This track wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter. With its infectious vocals and intricate rhythm patterns, ‘ZMad’ showcases Zak’s technical prowess, blending elements of dubstep, EDM, and Drum & Bass into a captivating sonic journey.

From the subtle chimes to the relentless bass, every sound is carefully crafted to hit you right in the chest, keeping the energy high until the very end. It’s a relentless ride that leaves you wanting more, a testament to Zak’s mastery of his craft.

When you think about your musical journey through life, it’s like experiencing multiple lifetimes, each filled with diverse music genres you’ve picked up along the way.

In 2024, it’s rare to find individuals who truly embody this eclectic spirit, but there are still a few out there who ride their legendary status like it’s a champion racehorse, seamlessly traversing various styles with exceptional skill.

Enter Zak Meow, a veteran of the rave scene since way back in 1989. He’s witnessed the evolution of dance music firsthand, soaking up years of knowledge and experience along the journey.

Based in the USA, Zak’s music has taken him on tours across the country, and he’s no stranger to producing chart-topping tracks or delivering thunderous basslines at 140bpm or tearing it up with 175bpm Drum & Bass. His career leaves no stone unturned.

Zak’s roots in goth and industrial music, woven into the fabric of rave culture, have been a defining aspect of his career. He’s become known and beloved for his signature sound.

A true hardcore enthusiast, Zak is a driving force behind the Cyberave events he regularly headlines. Even when the dance music scene was struggling, Zak’s dedication kept the parties alive and thriving, drawing crowds even in the toughest times.

Check out our premiere of ‘ZMad’ below. The single drops this Friday 3rd May via Imagine Audio. Grab your copy here!

ZMad cover

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