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Yesterdayneverhappened drops ‘The Demon At Dusk’ LP


Chicago-based experimental electronic producer and visual artist Yesterdayneverhappened lives to subvert expectations. Despite making a name for themselves in the internet music scene with their infectious, video-game-inspired jungle music (their track ‘Partmonst3r‘ had a viral Tik-Tok moment and has since amassed over 700k streams) and propensity to use video game hardware as instruments, the enigmatic artist is always trying to push the envelope further.

The producer’s mix of hip-hop, breakcore, Drum & Bass, and other experimental electronic aesthetics has landed them on Spotify’s editorial webcore playlist, a guest mix on NTS, and a fervent community in both URL and IRL underground Chicago rave spaces (including within their self-promoted Daybreak party, a popular showcase for black and black trans artists). Now, Yesterdayenverhappened unveils their newest full-length LP, ‘The Demon At Dusk’, a ten-track package full of ghoulish, kaleidoscopic soundscapes. Sampling and taking inspiration from some of the producer’s favourite movies, video games, and other cultural artefacts, ‘The Demon At Dusk’ reflects Yesterdayneverhappened’s inner psyche through a vibrant collage of sounds. The album contains a bevvy of complex drum rhythms and idiosyncratic vocal performances that meld with an ever-shifting arsenal of gonzo electronic genres, taking listeners on an eclectic and endlessly creative journey through digital nirvana.

‘The Demon At Dusk’ tells a story, with each character on its cover given depth and personality; the music represents the worlds these characters inhabit. Fans got their first taste of the album’s universe with the lead single, ‘k00pahari‘,  a song that transports listeners into the world of Super Mario. The track imbues its rambunctious, hard-hitting soundscape with melodies reminiscent of the Koopahari Desert level of the classic game – a whirlwind listening experience that mixes breakcore, happy hardcore, and a video game atmosphere to thrilling effect.

‘The Demon At Dusk’ kicks off with ‘trigger_’, an ambient intro full of ominous synth pads and a nightmarish spoken-word story. The album then transitions into ‘d(s)peration protocol’, which turns samples made from a Nintendo Gameboy sequencer into a dnb hellscape. Next is ‘brimstone juju’, which blends a tone setting, deadpan rap verse from Yesterdayneverhappened over hardcore drum blasts and spooky organ chords.

There’s also ‘come2myworld’, a collaboration with revered experimental hip-hop artist Cartier God, which surrounds the rapper’s zany vocals with Jersey Club drum patterns, bed squeaks, and chiptune synth melodies. ‘Sonic jukebox’ is a collaboration with Food House producer and Slayyyter collaborator Gupi, creating a mind-altering intersection of contemporary hyper pop aesthetics and Chicago footwork. And ‘intoxicated magi’ is a vintage-sounding instrumental whose central guitar loop threads together a glitchy, sample-heavy beat.

The album also includes the fuzzy, stripped-back ‘romanticizing loneliness’, the euphoric, heart-thumping breakcore track ‘pitstop + refuel‘, and the punk-inspired, trap-techno song ‘arrogance got ur head cut off’ – a collection of songs that round out a madcap electronic music experience that brings listeners into its producer’s singularly creative mind.

‘The Demon At Dusk’ will be complemented by a to-be-announced video game with visuals created by Yesterdayneverhappened themself.

Today we premiere ‘d(s)peration protocol’ which you can check out below. The album is out now and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

The Demon At Dusk cover


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