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Yatuza drops ‘The Trooper’ EP on SINE Audio


Continuing with the global theme on SINE, they welcome Argentinian Drum & Bass guru Yatuza to the ever-growing roster. Since unearthing his passion for electronic music back in 2009, he has been flourishing alongside the underground music scene in Buenos Aires and wider South America. More recently, his D&B output has caught on outside of his home country, rapidly attracting the attention of some of the scene’s biggest names including Randall, Fabio & Grooverider, Doc Scott and many more. 

2018 saw Yatuza drop his tune ‘Struck’ with Warhead on a Sub-Liminal Recordings VA compilation. Since then he’s become a regular on the label and his output has gone from strength to strength. Other labels he has found his home on include The Grid Recordings, Pick The Lock Records, and even a tune on SINE‘s own ‘A SINE of Relief’ compilation released earlier this year. His take on D&B sits firmly in its own lane, taking influence from a bouncier jump up feel, but with an emphasis on sub-weight, stuttering percussion and intricate synth and sample work.

Plunged straight into the deep end with title track ‘The Trooper’, Yatuza gifts us with his inimitable signature sound, led by wonky, disarming percussion and a bounciness that feels influenced by that original jump up sound. The potent bassline sits centre stage, pulling the listener further in with each overbearing hit, before switching up to a screw-face inducing syncopated rhythm for the second drop.

There’s no messing around with second track and our premiere for today ‘Acaro’. It builds more tension in 16 bars than many can in double that. Minimal in feel, but complex in its sound design and movement, the track propels forward with subtle changes in percussion and synth work – all whilst the simple yet effective pulsating bassline glues the rest of the tune together.

The delicate piano work in the intro of ‘The Mood’ acts as a pocket of calm within this EP, simultaneously catchy in its melody and nostalgic in its ambience. We know the drill by now, however. The drop delivers an abrupt punch to the gut, with the sub and kick drum cleverly intermingling to create an unyielding foundation for the rest of the elements to bounce off of. Before long, that stirring piano loop rears its head and returns us back home. 

‘Wavey’ brings a slightly different flavour for the final track, with a smoother rolling composition that is perfect for those mid-set blends. This is the most extended cut of the bunch reaching nearly six minutes, yet the intricacies in sound design and the warping bass allow the energy levels to never falter.   

Check out ‘Acaro’ below. Yatuza drops his ‘The Trooper’ EP via SINE Audio on 20th November. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here


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