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Y.L.S. drops ‘Looking In’ EP on AMEN LX


The third release from AMEN LX, the Lison, Portugal-based label, is the long-awaited ‘Looking In’ EP from Y.L.S. Consisting of 4 tracks filled with high-paced amen-breaks and collaborations with J.Swift and Ph42e.

The four tracks are very personal cuts that aim to represent what AMEN LX and the breakbeat culture is all about.

The illusive Y.L.S. has been roaming the scene rather quietly for many years. He’s a DJ and Producer, a sound engineer and the label manager of Skalator Music. He is also a teacher and an all-round great guy and bass guru for everyone who knows him.

After several solo tracks and many collaborations, it was only at the end of 2021 that he released his first solo EP ‘Need To’ on Eyesome. The EP went on to reach the number 1 spot on Juno Download.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Y.L.S. quite a lot over the last few years. One thing is for certain, this guy has vast knowledge, skill and love for our scene and culture. He just oozes Jungle and Drum & Bass.

Today we very happily premiere ‘Looking In’ which you can check out below. The EP of the same name will come out on digital on Friday 2nd December, alongside the already usual 10” limited edition dubplate. More info and download of the music can be found here!

Looking In cover