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XAETIS drops ‘Leviathan’ LP on SINFUL MAZE


Bristol-based music producer XAETIS (“Zey-tis”) is on the rise within the Drum & Bass scene. A specialist in the new wave of DnB the mad science of Neuro, the thundering sound of rollers and the complex rhythms of jungle and techy breakbeats, his post-rock/prog-metal musical background is quickly making him a noticeable name in Drum & Bass. His new release ‘Leviathan’ LP which is coming on SINFUL MAZE Recordings is a testament to this!

“Billions of years ago, an uneaten beast born at the time of the birth of the first planets began its colossal dark journey. Driven by hunger and thirst to survive, becoming bigger, stronger, more powerful. It never felt lonely. All the civilizations it ate along the way provided plenty of nutrients and amusement to it… destructive force consuming all that is prosperous and good, but it does not deserve to know and exploit the human emotions or use them for its own intoxication… they all welcomed Leviathan for their salvation!”

After a year-long lasting project, XAETIS is finally releasing his 7-track ‘Leviathan’  LP. This enormous project needed a lot of care and polishing, but it was absolutely worth it! We can see Louis in his natural habitat joggling with tight drums and angry roaring basslines, exploring the whole rainbow of sonic waves. We can assume this is his best work yet. Louis Parker is demonstrating his colourful palette of the various genres and rhythms, each unique and powerful in its technical and musical spectrums. Besides classic bangers and adventurous storytellers, he shows off some 4/4 and even 17/8, inspired by almighty Noisia´s ‘The Hole Pt. I’. The whole project is causing some surprising damage, just as ordered. You may go and hear XAETIS playing at the Darkshire in the Woods 2022 in the Czech Republic along with the other SINFUL MAZE artists.

Today we premiere ‘Stop Go’ which is an absolute bomb, check it out below. The LP drops on Monday 18th April, make sure you grab a copy for your arsenal from here!

Leviathan cover

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